How important was this election and why?

At the very top of the page on Think Progress' "Think Fast" this morning?

After securing historic state level victories on Nov. 2, Republicans will have control of about 190 congressional districts and “will dominate the redrawing of congressional districts that begins next year.” Because of this “commanding advantage in the redistricting process,” 15 to 25 seats in the House are more likely to remain or switch to Republican.

Campaign for America's Future, myself and handful of other bloggers told you why this election was so important way back in June. I made sure to post about this in the week leading up to the eletion because, YES, it was that important. It still is that important and will be through a bunch of elections.

"Because you do Need To Know what is at stake on Tuesday: Redistricting and Gerrymandering"

Now, corrupt Republicans will have a large share of control over who you get to vote for and, even more importantly, whether your vote will be drowned out in a slew of Gerrymandered districts. Even if your plan was to vote the GOP out in 2012 because you were "just sending Dems a message" for not passing an honest Democratic agenda... For giving us more failed conservative policies when we wanted less. That message just, very likely, became 15 to 25 candidates harder to send for ten more years.

Yep! I cheered like crazy watching the Blue Dogs get slaughtered for their stupidity. I cheered because I realized that redistricting was a lost cause as a result of those Blue Dogs giving us really bad legislation that the people did not want.

The Progressive Block is still standing, relatively unscathed, but the people did punish the "bipartisan" idiots. Big time and rightfully so. If anyone was going to pay for piss poor and watered down conservative legislation that Dems were voted in specifically to get away from, happily the right kind of politicians did pay for it for the most part.

But I also realized as I cheered the rightful punishment of the incompetent "bipartisan" failure that the left's cause had been set back another decade.

Thanks to those conservative Democrats. The Stupid Blue Dogs and DLCers and ConservaDems. Thanks a lot. Look who controls our voting districts now. Because of you.

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the Democrats should have been bending over backwards to kiss the asses of the voters who got them elected now shouldn't they have? Instead of driving said voters away by kow towing to the corporatists who got us in this mess.

Tossing backhanded swipes at the people who didn't get enthused enough to vote for what they considered completely corrupted officials is just whining after the fact.

You should be outraged. Outraged at Harry Reid, Barack Obama and the rest of the Dem leadership that created this mess.

In fact, given the really crappy and half-assed legislation I am not in the least bit surprised why they stayed home or voted the Dems out of the house. Blue Dogs and DLCers are the cause of this. But I did write about it before hand because I did want voters to know what is at stake.

It was not a backhanded swipe at the voters... More of acknowledgment that sometimes one part of the fight is more important than the other.

In this case I am pretty sure people don't care about protecting their vote as much as they care about the fact that either way they vote they are getting the same shitty results.

And I agree with them. And I am outraged. Now, on top of the shitty policies the left's fight was made all the harder.