On Bradley Manning and the real damage done

There are a lot of people out there screaming about treason and stuff when it comes to Bradley Manning and Julian Assange. I am going to completely skip any comment beyond this paragraph about the fact that Assange is not an American citizen and so, after consulting my "Treason For Dummies" book, it is beyond any and all sense of reason to yell that about  his being a traitor. But too many of our politicians and some media still managed to echo that crazy. Other charges levied out of Sweden and at Assange appear to be nothing more that a badly choreographed CIA comedy of errors.

As for Bradley Manning?

Manning did not really do any serious damage to our country. And if you are going to say he did then I fully expect you to be chasing after Bush, Cheney, Rove and all of the others with, at the very least, equal vigor from this day forward because they were involved in outing Valery Plame's spy ring, Brewster Jennings and Associates and all of their informants in their network to the media and the public. The damage done there was much more serious considering that network was our eyes on the ground and our ears to the ground in the world of illegal illegal sales of weapons of mass destruction sales, more specifically the illegal sales of nuclear arms.

As for the wikileaks seen, thus far?

Anyone with even the slightest inkling of what goes on at Foggy Bottom and that has a lick of common sense could not possibly be shocked by anything that has been released through wikileaks, as of yet. A little more insight to whom exactly they are interested in arm twisting? Whom exactly they are spying upon? Which governments they want to overthrow right now? Darned right. But nothing we could not have guessed at just from following the sandstorm of dirty world politics and nothing that the targets of their typical dinfo campaigns and pressures did not already know, themselves, either.

As far as any real damage that was done?

The USA kind of irreparably damaged itself all on it's own and long before Manning came along. Decades of dangerous actions with the final nail of Bush jr. assured us of that damage. And Obama and the Dems have not changed much of that in the last couple of years. In some areas they have arguably made things worse.

A Constitution shredded at a pace that is only being outdone by the speed with which our country is being looted by the elite. And people like Manning are, to a degree, part of the cure for this disease. The disinfecting sunlight being let in to the darker corners of the more clandestine aspects of Kleptocracy.

In the case of Manning's leaks and the timing of them?

I am of a view that our government has become dangerously secretive - beyond any and all sense of reason - and does need a transparency reboot. And the same can be said for too many other governments around the world, right now.

Again, Manning can and probably should get legally hammered for what he did. An honest observer of recent history would be arguing for the Scooter Libby treatment. But we seem to be running out of honest observers in our government, in our politics, in our media, in our judicial system and in the uber rich elite stratosphere that owns it all and tells them what to do us mere plebes.

Which is the very reasoning why, regardless of his level of guilt meted out to Manning by "Government Inc.", he is another modern day hero of the people for this push-back against the elite insanity that has a death grip on this nation.

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and I mean Establishment and not ask yourself why so much of the American citizenry (or your constituencey -- if your place is in elected government) can be in favor of Wikileaks and Julian Assange when Americans are supposed to think that we are a self-governing democracy doing business in a fair 'free market' system?

What is so very wrong with this picture? 

Maybe start  with an answer to why the continued ability to stay above water for millions of unemployed must be bartered for $XX _illion worth of rich tax cuts.  Yeah, that's a good start, I think.

[note: edited to show that I don't know the value that the rich are getting for their investment in the GOP mafia]

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

2 years of debt piling tax cuts for them so unemployment gets a 13 month extension. But it is still unclear (to myself - I haven't looked for that answer yet) if you can go past the 99 weeks. That is a big problem if you can't go past 99 weeks because too many are already there.