A Message to Joe Biden

I received an email from the Barack Obama campaign this morning - specifically addressed as if it was from Vice President Joe Biden - asking if I'd be willing to send in $5 for a chance at a drawing to enable 5 people to have dinner with the President.

I had to decline.

As folks may realize from the two diaries currently on the Rec list by shannika and stonedoubt, jobs are a big issue right now; the economy as a whole, of course, is a huge issue. And if you read a little into stonedoubt's diary, you'll find a comment from me that explains my response to Joe indirectly: I'm closing my business.

Below the fold is the short, simple text of what I sent back. I realize it will never be seen by Vice President Biden, or the President. I know it will likely never be read by anyone in Congress or in a position to pass along my simple response.

Nonetheless, I felt better sending it. No histrionics, no propaganda - just a simple statement and plea.

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Here is the text of my response:

Joe -

While I would love to contribute $5 or more to the re-election campaign, I'm struggling. I don't have a positive income at this point; I need every cent.

I realize you, personally, didn't send this out and are unlikely to ever see it, but I thought you (or someone in the campaign machinery) might appreciate the honest response.

I'd love to have an opportunity to meet with the President, and with you. I've love an opportunity to provide my two cents of feedback directly.

I'd love the opportunity to get a salaried job in my field so that I could pay my bills, go to the doctor and dentist, and take some time to enjoy life with my hard-working wife.

Can you do anything about that, Joe? Can you read this, and pass it along to the President?

There are no talking points here. It's a simple explanation and request.

Can you help?

Thank you.

To those who have taken the time to read this far, thank you. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below. Also, if you have a chance, please check out the two diaries I cited earlier, one by shannika and one by stonedoubt, and join in the conversation.

I'm looking forward to an opportunity to meet a lot of you at NN12 in Providence next year, and hopefully I'll have re-set myself onto a solid career path once again. In the meantime, please keep an eye open for the caregiving book that Shadan7 and I have co-authored with our wonderful and talented wives, which draws upon a variety of source material to document our caregiving experience in memoir form.

Thank you. Namaste.

Now, if anyone wants to hire someone who can coordinate disparate teams on IT-related projects, or if someone wants to hire me as a writer for content similar to what I've done on Daily Kos and ePluribus Media with regard to life, health, caregiving, pets or politics, I'm all ears.

In fact, I'm up to my ears...or beyond. So, if you're interested and have something, please write quickly...

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