Who's the Snowflake? Devin Nunes Sues @DevinNunesMom


Sometimes ya just gotta take a break and have a little fun. Today is that day for me.

Last night I saw the complaint Devin Nunes filed against Twitter and three Twitter users - Liz Mair, @DevinNunesMom and @DevinNunesCow. It seems rather bizarre that he would sue a company and individual users because they were making fun of him, only to bring it to the attention of the entire country - or at least left Twitter.

I admit to giggling - quite a bit - as I read through the complaint, but then I sobered. This lawsuit is ridiculous, but it is not funny. This is an example of weaponizing the legal system to silence your critics.

Here are a few itemizations of Nunes' complaints:

In her endless barrage of tweets, Devin Nunes’ Mom maliciously attacked every aspect of Nunes’ character, honesty, integrity, ethics, and fitness to perform his duties as a United States Congressman. Devin Nunes’ Mom stated that:

  • Nunes had turned out worse than Jacob Wohl
  • falsely accused Nunes of being a racist, having “white supremist friends” and distributing “disturbing inflammatory racial propaganda”;
  • falsely accused Nunes of putting up a “Fake News MAGA” sign outside a Texas Holocaust museum;
  • falsely stated that Nunes would probably join the “Proud Boys”, “if it weren’t for that unfortunate ‘nomasturbating’ rule”;
  • disparagingly called him a “presidential fluffer and swamp rat”;
  • falsely stated that Nunes had brought “shame” to his family;
  • repeatedly accused Nunes of the crime of treason, compared him to Benedict Arnold, and called him a “traitor”, “treasonous shitbag”, a “treasonous Putin shill”, working for the “Kremlin”;
  • falsely stated that Nunes was “100% bought and sold. He has no interest remaining for his constituents”;
  • falsely accused Nunes of being part of the President’s “taint” team;
  • falsely stated that Nunes was unfit to run the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence;
  • falsely accused Nunes of “secretly hat[ing] the people he’s supposed to serve”;
  • falsely accused Nunes of being a “lying piece of shit”;
  • falsely stated that Nunes would lose custody of his children and was going to “the pen”;
  • falsely accused Nunes of receiving pay for undermining “American Democracy”;
  • falsely stated that Nunes was “the most despicably craven GOP public official” and that “Devin might be a unscrupulous, craven, back-stabbing, charlatan and traitor, but he’s no Ted Cruz”; 
  • falsely stated that Nunes was “voted ‘Most Likely to Commit Treason’ in high school”;
  • falsely stated that “The people of California’s Central Valley are upright folk who work hard, look you square in the eye and give you a firm handshake. And then there is@DevinNunes”;
  • falsely stated that Nunes is “not ALL about deceiving people. He’s also about betraying his country and colluding with Russians”;
  • stated “I don’t know about Baby Hitler, but would sure-as-shit abort baby Devin”;
  • falsely stated that “Alpha Omega wines taste like treason”;
  • falsely stated that “@DevinNunes wanted me to tell everyone that he’ll be releasing a pic soon to get ahead of that AMI thing, and that it only looks that way because of all the blow”;
  • falsely suggested that Nunes might be willing to give the President a “blowjob”;
  • falsely stated “@Devin Nunes look @SpeakerRyan is removing @Rep_Hunter from his committee seat because he’s corrupt and incompetent. I wonder why he let you keep yours?”;
  • falsely accused Nunes of “covering up Trump’s conspiracy against the United States”;
  • falsely accused Nunes of lying to Congress; falsely accused Nunes of suborning “perjury”; falsely stated that “@Devin Nunes is DEFINITELY a feckless cunt”;
  • falsely stated that “[i]f you vote for @Devin Nunes the terrorists win”;
  • falsely stated “please don’t call @DevinNunes compromised. He’s not at all. He’s a complete and total fucking traitor”
  • falsely stated that Nunes was a “spy” inCongress “passing along information to the subject of a federal investigation”;
  • falsely stated that Nunes knows “a thing or two about throwing away evidence, don’t you Scabbers” (“Scabbers” refers to Ron Weasley’s pet rat in the Harry Potter books.);
  • falsely claimed that Nunes was “WANTED” and hiding and “hopes he doesn’t get indicted”;
  • falsely claimed that Nunes would “probably see an indictment before 2020”; even falsely stated that Nunes has “herp-face”. Many of the tweets were vile and repulsive, including tweets that depicted Nunes engaged in sexual acts with the President.

The DevinNunesMom complaint items start on page 13. It is worth clicking through to the complaint, as they have very conveniently screen capped the most "offensive" of the tweets and included them in the filing. 

Who's the Snowflake?

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In Nunes' complaint it states in footnote #17 that Devin Nunes' Cow "@DevinCow has 1,204 followers". This morning @DevinCow has 359,000 followers. Before the lawsuit, nobody paid any attention to Nunes' detractors ...