Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama -- "It will never happen."

The following commentary was submitted to ePluribus Media with permission to reprint. It is by Dan Coen, the "foremost expert on U.S. Vice Presidents" who has been interviewed by media such as NBC Nightly News, BBC Radio, and NPR. He is the author of "Second String: Trivia, Facts and Lists about the Vice Presidency and its Vice Presidents" and the Publisher and Managing Editor of VicePresidents.com, an online news magazine dedicated to the like.

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So many interviews about whether Hillary and Obama will be an item in November, 2008. Let me lay to rest the questioning by providing the answer: It will NEVER happen.

Here's why.

  1. Barack Obama does not need Hillary Clinton's backage. Does he really want Bill and Hillary and their gang to take over his campaign for President?
  2. Hillary Clinton does not want to be upstaged. Obama communicates better, looks better and gets more out of a crowd. Ask John Kerry. No fun having a younger and more electric VEEP.
  3. The Dems' want to WIN in 2008. The country may not be ready to vote for this radical a ticket. Or, maybe it is. But the Dems' don't want to guess and hope for the best.
  4. They do not complement one another. Both are Senators. The ticket needs somebody with executive experience. Both lean toward the left. The ticket needs somebody in the middle. Both stall on the foreign policy front, much better on the domestic front. The ticket needs a credible entity to help with Iraq.

Plenty of terrific choices ahead for either Hillary or Obama. We don't see them selecting each other!

Dan Coen, VicePresidents1@yahoo.com

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that talked about Sam Nunn as a veep for Obama. Interesting, and a good idea to bring more votes in from the south...