What is Race in the New Media?

Race is not just a word with a meaning. It is an incredibly powerful statement that contains variety of characteristics, apparel, personals, effects, and even tricks. It has become an institutional part of American history. Each person has a different meaning for race, but let us become attached to the most common meaning of race; “a local geographic or global human population distinguished as a more or less distinct group be genetically transmitted physical characteristics.” Some people even seem to
abuse the term race and this is when mass of misunderstandings starts to take place. There are many situations where “race” is misused and is passed down as to only satisfy one’s self. There is one most common situation where this takes place and that is, racism- meaning hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. This term may restrict job opportunities, and people who are accused of not having the specific requirements, and who are also charged with the fault and certain attitudes, conditions or behaviors that promote stereotyping of social roles based on race. When this occurs certain people are most likely not given the opportunity they deserve.

Race captures the attention of the New Media in multiple diverse ways, it abducts every important and necessary moment that has anything to do with race and the impact it has on people. For example, the accusations of African Americans long before this century has arrived were horrible and racism was incredibly powerful as well as strong. African Americans weren’t even considered as a high class society, they were not even allowed to be occupied with any job positions except for slavery. As time has passed these horrific acts have of course changed. Today African Americans can accomplish anything they want, or can they? Yes, we do believe that a chance should be given to everyone, but yet there are certain people out there who prefer not see this happen. Why this still takes place we don’t know, why people just can’t except the truth is also unknown, but what is known is that New Media was a big effect on race.

Even though most of society has overcome these crucial accusations and has moved on, media has done everything in its power to bisect the working class and conventional young African Americans as gangsters, drug dealers, and criminals. All of these messages sent out to the public destroyed the future of these young people who wanted a chance to succeed. The new media only focuses on the negative aspects of the black community. The Media produces most of this non factual information and the public feeds on it, and the worst is yet to come, when a major part of all this was delirious and demented because the new media has not studied the roots and background of African Americas, and just composed of what they thought they knew. Most of what is considered was simple, all the media has to know is that the public will listen. That is the main reason for the media to stay only on the negative aspects. It does not discuss anything African Americans have been through such as urbanization, education, different accusations and many more harsh unnecessary torture and abuse.

The new media’s only concern is to get as much attention as possible from people, to be well known, and race does effect it greatly. Race eventually creates racism and racism is the main key to the new media. When new media blossoms it captures all of population with it, people love to read something they want to be true, and the new media knows exactly how to give them what they want. This is the main objective of new media which is to create a chaos that most of the community follows, and considerable amount of the attention to. There are certain writers, for example David Goldberg, who wrote Racist Culture in which he battles to state that one class will one day overpower the other but it will be an unnecessary way which will leave its brutal marks in the future. Also in the University of Washington Office of News and Information, there is an article that talks about the following, “Does race effect outcome of criminal cases? Reports portraying juveniles differently lead to tougher sentencing recommendations for blacks.” Written by Joel Schwarz (02.17.99). This article talks about how the social scientists are aggravating to figure out (for quite a long time now) how a person’s race may lead to a consequence of criminal causes. It states that now they have found the missing piece of the puzzle, “court reports prepared prior to sentencing by probation officers that consistently portray black and white juvenile offenders differently, thus leading to harsher sentencing recommendations for blacks.” "What struck me was the profoundly different ways the reports described children who are seemingly different only by their race," said George Bridges, a University of Washington professor of sociology and lead author of a study that examined juvenile court cases in Washington State. "The children would be charged with the same crime, be the same age and have the same criminal history, but the different ways they were described was just shocking.” Bridges claimed and tried to convince the public that the reports filed aimed to describe the crimes which were committed by blacks as being cause by internal character, such as performing a criminal behavior or being disrespectful toward authority. Meanwhile white juvenile crime was expanded as being blamed on the negative environment factors at the same time blaming the environment, or maybe family problems or even hanging out with someone who is a criminal.

The blacks once again receive more severe penalties and this is of course not far. The new media will do everything in its power to accomplish one major goal and that is to please its readers and viewers. The examples indicated above are in fact examples of race having its effect on the new media. And of course the media has, have, and always will represent its negative stereotype of the African-American community. The history of race is the most popular subject the media can and is willing to pick up on, and then feed us with information that we will eventually take in, observe and release. And yet not all of media is so negative. There are so many artists(rappers, actors, singers) now in our industry who have a lot to say and are here to speak out . Their voice is also heard by the public and it seems to have an even bigger impact on our society today. There will always be those voices which people will listen to, someone they will relate to more, and the side which they prefer more. Media is all about this power it has over a person, over a community, and over a nation. Media also has many sides but it is up to you to decide what side you would join.

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Race is still a major factor here in America. It isn't fair, and you would think that instead of getting worse it would be getting better.

Thanks for the thoughtful commentary.

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