Medal Of Honor Recipient’s Father:


They seem to be the ones coming out and showing the civilian and military leadership, as well as this apathedic country, how the Military Troops should be treated!

From the deployable living conditions in military base barracks, World Wide, to newly built barracks that are now housing those suffering with PTSD, from their Multiple Tours in these theaters of occupations, 200yrds from a Firing Range, with day and night fire practice on a veriaty of arms!

Another father comes forward, still grieving the loss of his soldier son in one of those theaters:

Bush Must Sign The GI Bill If He Wants To Show Appreciation For Troops

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McGinnis told the Army Times that he felt he had to seize the opportunity to speak out about the bill while in Washington: “If I didn’t do it when I was down there at the Pentagon or the White House, one of the two, when will I ever have the chance to make an impact?”
Both Bush and the Pentagon oppose Webb’s GI bill.

Ever wonder why we celebrate Fathers Day, this sunday June 15th, for those in the need to know, the above answers that Loud and Clear!!!

Happy Fathers Day well ahead of time!!

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he never got over my brother's "accidental" death(electrocution) while in the Army stationed at Ft. Hood, TX many many years ago. Grieving lasts hadn't ended with my fathers death...someone always picks it up and carries it on........... Peace!