VEEP Straw Poll -- Rank Your Choices

I've seen a variety of pieces asking about VP choices for Obama; now, thanks to LordRag, I've seen this list of possible options from Reuters: FACTBOX: Possible Democratic vice presidential candidates (Reporting by Deborah Charles and John Whitesides, editing by David Wiessler, Tue Jun 3, 8:53 PM ET)

The given list is interesting. Over the flip, I'm going to provide it as-is in a list lettered from A to Z. Please read it, and in comments provide your top three picks in order of preference. I'll post the results tomorrow.

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OK, here they are:

    A. Joe Biden

    B. Wesley Clark

    C. Hillary Clinton

    D. Chris Dodd

    E. Chuck Hagel

    F. Tim Kaine

    G. Sam Nunn

    H. Ed Rendell

    I. Bill Richardson

    J. Kathleen Sebelius

    K. Ted Strickland

    L. Jim Webb

In the comments, please give a simple list of A,B,C -- that will make it easier to parse in Excel. If you want to add any comment or explanation, please skip one line after your choices.

Let's see what folks think, and what they have to say.

Thank you.

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That'd be Clark, Richardson and Sebelius. I was at a tossup between Richardson and Sebelius.

No John Edwards? That would be my pick.

But go ahead and use write-ins, too.

Give me your top three.


1. John Edwards
2. Howard Dean

I'm not sure who else. I'd like someone with the courage to speak their mind as well as to tell Americans ugly truths they do not want to hear.

For instance...

The war in Iraq has to be paid for. That means high schools drop sports. Potholes don't get filled and roads don't get repaved, bridges get closed. Prisoners get let out of jails. Wild fires are left to burn, bridges wiped out by floods don't get fixed. Those are just some of the choices that get made if the citizens want to continue to pay for the war.