TPM Needs Freelance Researchers/Writers

Since I know many of you would be well qualified for these jobs:


For a few new projects we're going to be working on, we're looking for some good freelance researchers/writers. So if you're a freelancer or have a job that allows you to do some freelancing, and you've ever been interested in working with TPM, send us an email with the subject headline "TPM Research," with an introduction and resume.

To be clear, this not for a full-time job (though it could lead to one) and at the moment it's not for a specific project. But we'd like to have people's names on file to reach out to to help on particular stories.

--Josh Marshall

Here is the eMail address should you choose to apply. And a suggestion below for the ePluribus Media community...

As a means of paying the internet room and board for ePluribus Media and improving its readership, does anyone think that TPM would be interested in contracting out some work to ePM that we could all work on in a collaboration effort? I realize that it might mean occasionally putting a little more effort into what TPM wants done to meet their deadlines, which could effect some of the work that people here do on their own a little.

Just a thought for you all to chew on.

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1. Primarily to pay for the site upkeep.

2. Possibly extra money to pay for those lexus/nexus searches and FOI requests.

3. Possibly to pay for advertising for ePM in the hopes of increasing readership.

Other non-monetary bonuses to consider:

1. Greater exposure for the community at a top ranked site.

2. Exposure for the community means exposure for the contributor's own personal sites, books, etc., in the overall scheme of things.

There are a lot of good reasons to consider this, IMHO.

I guess there is either no interest or everyone sent in their own resumes? lol

I really got turned off during the US Attorney debacle and all the back slapping from TPM members on dKos. We here at ePM worked mighty hard on that same story as did other blogs. No egos I say!

Now I have. :)

Thanks, CTMan.