Ten lessons from recent torture hearings

Before I post up what I brought I'd like to point out that when Our Government changes It's Policies to Match those of what we call enemies it Endangers All The Troops in Active Theaters as well as the citizens of this country!!

And it leaves us not only open to condemnation but at a place where we cannot condemn others!!

ANP: Lawyers who approved "enhanced interrogation tactics" are under increasing pressure to explain them

American News Project: Reporter's Notebook: Ten Lessons from Recent Torture Hearings - The "enhanced interrogation tactics, " used in Guantanamo under orders from the Pentagon and the White House have been the subject of numerous hearings on Capitol Hill recently. The lawyers who approved the policies--which many call torture--are under increasing pressure to explain how it was possible for such methods to be ordered by the United States government. More hearings are on the way.


Terror And The Unraveling Of America's Moral Fabric

The war on terrorism has had devastating social and political costs, and it is the United States government — not foreign enemies — that has caused much of the damage, says investigative journalist Jane Mayer.

Mayer's new book is The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How The War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals. In it, The New Yorker writer contends that the policy implemented after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks promoted an agenda that sought to increase presidential power. Further, many of the Bush administration's strategy decisions violated the Constitution and impeded the pursuit of terrorists.

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I am always so grateful for your keeping us informed about these hearings, the honor roll, and so so much more. Sorry that I don't always remember to comment and say so!

But truly, thank you again.

Especially about commenting, I read alot, but when it comes to many commets I'm ussually to tired to think or this one handed, couple of fingers, typing slows it down so train of thought goes.

And Thanks Cho!

McCain Uses POW Status as Sword & Shield

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."