Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman speaks about Karl Rove

Just a quick pointer to two important snippets from a recent interview by the folks at with the former Governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman telling of his recommendations for how to deal with Karl Rove.


VR spent several hours with Ex Alabama Governor Don Siegelman recently discussing his political persecution at the direction of Karl Rove and his minions. We will have the complete interview posted tomorrow but we wanted you to hear what he has to say about Rove's refusal to testify under subpoena by the House Judiciary Committee. We have two short YouTube videos where Siegelman emphatically asks everyone contact their Congress Members and demand that Rove be held in contempt.

Rove has been subpoenaed to testify on July 10th but his attorney last week informed the Judiciary Committee that he will not comply. Siegelman wants you to let Congress know that Rove must face the consequences of his actions. Please contact your Congress Members -- 202 224-3121 or

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suffered at the hands of this administration and all he is asking us to do for him -- and for ourselves -- is call our congress critters and voice our concerns, urge them to make Rove testify and face the consequences of his actions. Come on ya all, warm up those dialing fingers It's not that hard, I just called.

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to obey the laws of this land, why should anyone else be expected to do so?

What makes one citizen, Rove, above the law?

I am emailing our representative tonight.

I want Rove arrested. I'm tired of the "all show and no go"
attitude.......hope they surprise me!!!


An attorney for former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman wants a Justice Department watchdog office to look into the role of U.S. Attorney Leura Canary in Siegelman's case, including 500 pages of documents about her recusal being kept secret by the department.