Dreaming The Dream And Making History

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Dreams give us hope. They inspire us to reach heights of creativity and invention that we believed were not possible. Dreams help us through are most desperate times because they allow us to see a future that is beyond the place we presently occupy. Dreams are not just personal moments they can also be public.

Public, being that we allow others dreams to be our dreams by embracing them as if they belonged to us this has happened throughout the history of America. In recent history its been people like Franklin Roosevelt who offered America and Americans a New Deal and delivered it. Roosevelt brought electricity to rural America, created the Social Security Administration providing all Americans with a social safety net something no previous administration had ever done. Rosa Parks a seamstress living in Alabama and a Civil Rights Activist who refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery Alabama to a white customer setting the stage for the Montgomery bus boycott and the furtherance of the civil rights movement. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King who inspired by the ideals of Gandhi and his use of nonviolence to achieve his goals applied those same principles to the American Civil Rights Movement inspiring millions to join his cause. President John F. Kennedy a man who just didn’t allow Americans to dream but inspired millions around the world to dream. How popular was he? So popular that his picture could find in the most unexpected places in the world be, it in America, Europe or Africa. So popular that he gave a speech to 10’s of thousands West Berliners at the Brandenburg gate one of the most famous speeches ever given.

All of these people and millions more had one common thread among them. They dared to dream. Dreams sometimes which others believed to be impossible but they still dreamt they could be reached.

So, yesterday not only did a dream come true but history was made when Barack Obama was nominated by the Democratic Party to be their presidential nominee. He is the first person of African American heritage or African decent in either America or Europe to be given the opportunity to be the leader of a major political or economic power.

Dreams can come true and Barack Obama has proven just that.

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I think an important message from the Convention has been the increasing emptiness of the "American Dream" for the average person today AND THE NEED TO CHANGE THAT.


thick veneer of sh!t, heavily processed to appear palatable but nothing more than expensive condiments on inedible, infertile pablum.

As I've been saying for a while now, they give us nothing but "Kabuki theater in a Potemkin village" -- a whole lot of nothing.

The Democratic Party ticket now has the potential of filling in the empty spaces and washing away the creeping, crumbling crud of 8 years of Republican dominion and disaster.

It's going to take a united Nation to hose off the deck and shore up the mizzen mast on this ship of State, but we're closer now than ever before in the course of these past two malodorous mis-Administrations.