A Task from God -- Discussion

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church copyright 2008 Susie Dow (ePluribus Media) In his opinion editorial, Former Marine Tyler E. Boudreau writes: "given the recent persistence from throughout our government that God is somehow involved in our wars, we are left to draw one of two conclusions: Either, if we are believers, God is fallible, or, if we are not believers, our elected officials are introducing irrational justifications for armed conflict."

Read his column and discuss.

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I really enjoy Boudreau's writing style. He has that "thing" that I so much admire in other writers like Paul Krugman - he gets right to the point and pulls a reader along with seemingly little effort.

When I first drove up into Iraq from Kuwait in 2004, nearly every base in the country was named after a Christian saint—ours was dubbed Saint Michael

Surely naming army bases after Christian saints is a violation of the separation of church and state and an affront to non-Christian soldiers.

I remember reading somewhere that funamental pseudo-Christian theology is also made a part of basic training.


How can you not use such names if you are organizing a crusade?

Good point!