$100,000 Reward: for Citizens to Stop another Stolen Election

Promoted. Originally posted 2008-10-04 12:09:50 -0500. See also Avahome's Wanted: 2008 Ballot Foul-Ups from Friday. Let's do what we can to protect and preserve the primary legal method we have for enforcing change in government. -- GH


Today, VR [VelvetRevolution] offered a $100,000 reward for information from whistleblowers who have knowledge of election related criminal activity by Michael Connell, Randy Cole, Karl Rove and others. The full ad will be published this week in the Akron newspapers

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ATTENTION: Employees of GovTech Solutions, New Media Communications, and Technomania

If YOU know anything about Vote Tampering -- the time to speak up is Now!


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Wow, even the Corporate Media has picked up this story!

What's up with that?

CBS Market Watch -- Oct. 3, 2008

Non-Profit Offers $100,000 Reward for Information Tying Karl Rove and Michael Connell to Election Rigging

WASHINGTON, Oct 03, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Today, Velvet Revolution (VR), a non-profit dedicated to clean and accountable government, offered a $100,000 reward to whistleblowers for information tying Karl Rove and Michael Connell to illegal election manipulations. Other Republican whistleblowers, most notably world renowned computer expert Stephen Spoonamore, have stated recently that the Republican Party has been rigging elections for years through electronic computer manipulations. Mr. Spoonamore, a colleague of Mike Connell, gave a recent interview in which he stated that the upcoming election will be stolen and rigged by the GOP unless otherwise exposed. That interview is posted in full at www.rovecybergate.com.

Mr. Connell is the CEO of GovTech Solutions, a company that works with a "Who's Who" of Republican politicians. Mr. Connell refuses "to work for Democrats" and is "loyal to the Bush family." And it was Mr. Connell who ran the Florida Government computer network during the presidential election of 2000 and the Ohio Secretary of State election computers during the presidential election of 2004. He has been at the scene of every major national electoral scandal of the past decade and has been fingered as being involved in the destruction of White House emails.


Who is this Man behind the "Tech Curtain" -- Michael L. Connell ??

Rove-ing emails: what else could go missing?
by Todd Johnston

As reported here, the Bush family's personal Internet strategist installed proprietary database, email, and web servers on the U.S. House of Representatives IT networks, less than three months after President George W. Bush took office in 2001.

Six years later, Michael L. Connell and his twin companies -- New Media Communications and Govtech Solutions -- have replicated that early success and spread throughout the federal government like one of New Media's award-winning viral marketing campaigns.
should a top campaign consultant with a history of electoral fraud be a systems administrator for federal government IT networks?


Citizens CAN make a difference
(Indeed it's the only thing that ever has ...)

Velvet Revolution Interviews Stephen Spoonamore


"Voting Machines are IT-Junk"

warns this respected Banking Security and Cyber Expert, Stephen Spoonamore.
(and Citizen Witness at a recently Re-opened Ohio court case)

Security Expert Warns Of Rigged Election
Jason Lee Miller -- Staff Writer

Security vulnerabilities in electronic voting machines threaten to skew results in the upcoming national election, says a Republican security expert. Stephen Spoonamore has come forward as a whistleblower willing to testify in an Ohio court case stemming from the 2004 Presidential elections.

Spoonamore, former CEO of Cybrinth, specialist in data management and remote electronic monitoring, and card-carrying member of the GOP, explains in a series of YouTube videos how Diebold e-voting machines can be hacked and manipulated to change vote tallies. The videos were posted by Velvet Revolution, an activist group with the aim of exposing voter fraud and returning to paper ballets.

The voting machines, according to Spoonamore, communicate with central government systems in the same way mobile phones connect with each other. The machine sends a signal to a tower, is filtered through third-party, corporate-owned computers identifying both sender and receiver, and then the votes-which are anonymous and without any type of paper trail-are then forwarded to the government receiver.

The inherent problem is that third party wireless intercept of information. Spoonamore says without a doubt tabulations can be intercepted and changed before they are sent on to officials. More specifically, as was the case in Ohio in 2004, tabulations were funneled through servers in Chattanooga, TN, owned by SmarTech. Coincidentally, the Bush Administration has used these servers for sending and receiving email to avoid public scrutiny.

Spoonamore, who has helped develop security solutions for MasterCard, American Express, Bloomberg, Boeing, NBC, News Corp., the Dept. of Energy, the US Navy, and the Dept. of State, is on record, in a sworn affidavit, explaining how easily these voting machines can be hacked and manipulated.


Hacking 101: The "Man in the Middle" Attack

It's "IT child's play", especially if you're already behind the Gov't Firewall,
like New Media Communications, Govtech Solutions, SmarTech already ARE!

Here's the Nuts and Bolts of the HOW TO Steal an Election:

Velvet Revolution Interviews Stephen Spoonamore (segment 2)


As the last few weeks have proven, No One has been been "minding the store" on Wall Street ...

SO is it really a Surprise to find out, those same No Bodies
have been "looking the other way", when it comes to Electronic Voting Machines, too?

Speaking of Gov't Oversight:

WARNING: Serious Gov't Didactions about the vulnerability of all those Electronic Diebold Votes ...

No need to worry -- you can Trust us!

Diebold Coverup, Says SAIC Report And Stephen Spoonamore


Note: Diebold -- is now Premier Election Systems"

That's sounds much more "trustworthy" ... it's all in the Marketing ..

The only thing that HAS Changed, has been the Logo!

SO Here we go again ...

bye bye, Democracy ....

going, Going, GONE!

ATTENTION: Employees of GovTech Solutions, New Media Communications, and Technomania

you CAN make a Difference this time around ...

Click for Actual Reward Notice

American Citizens, the Time is NOW -- to Undo the Damage of done to out Democracy over the last 8 years ...

Stop the Shredding of ALL we hold dear --
by those Operatives who only work in the shadows ...

Protecting Democracy IS Patriotic!

Stop another Travesty by those
who claim to be Accountable to No one ...


It's Time to take OUR Country Back!

Demand a Paper Ballot
with a verifiable Audit Trail!

Every. time. you. VOTE!

The alternative is well not exactly
"Freedom on the March" ...

Peter King "We'll take care of the counting."


(Let's stop the de'ja vu BEFORE it happens this time.)

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of money for even an IT guy. Sure hope there are some disgruntled employees out there....or employees with a conscience(sp).

I'd sure like to see some of Larry Flint's money added to the pot.

will put this story
on a few radar screens!

thanks avahome!

Is a great illustration for folks who don't get the significance of the reroute through the SmartTech Chattanooga servers. Hadn't seen the graphic before, thank you.

Thanks for doing one that is so close to home jamess!

It's a critical time and place for these people to be held to account, the reward is justified!

"So your party is the only party that can save the country from the mess that your party created?" - attrib. Jon Stewart

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

few issues are so overlooked
while being SO Important.

I would contend, this "lack of an Audit Trail"
has given us these last 8 disastrous years!

It's only our Vote --
yet most of the time it receives as much care or interest
as a Fast Food Receipt!

If our System of ATMs and ETFs had the same level of scrutiny,
Our Country would have collapsed, long ago.

Into a 3rd-rate "Banana Republic" --
perhaps we're in the process of that now?

(and to epluribus' cho)

Ohio Attorneys Seek Protection for Mike Connell and his Family against Alleged Threats from Karl Rove
Submitted by: cho on Thu, 07/24/2008

Sources close to the Ohio Corrupt Practices Act/RICO claim sent us a copy of the following letter that asks Attorney General Mukasey for protection for Michael Connell and his family who have been allegedly threatened by Karl Rove. Rove is believed to be the strategic mastermind behind the Bush 2004 re-election campaign and the possible Ohio election improprieties.


Apparently Connell wants to turn State Witness, but ...
he has a family, etc.

Stephen Spoonamore was interviewed by Thom Hartmann a few days ago. Spoonamore characterized Mike Connell, a colleague, more as a "fall guy" than the Mastermind behind the MITM Attacks.

Stephen Spoonamore, also insinuated that the Swift Boaters were the deep pockets, and the Right to Lifers provided the "ethical rationalizations".

The Logistics of the theft consisted of "Network Funneling" (illegal) of ALL the Precinct Votes from 18 Ohio Counties to a SmarTech PC, JUST PRIOR to Re-Tallying those Results, and forwarding the "Final Counts" to Ken Blackwell, Ohio Secretary of State, and Chairman of ReElect Bush-Cheney.

(all without an Audit Trail, or Chain of Custody, or Witnesses)

You do all the work!

We are in awe.

Getting anything important or substantative out there above the noise is getting harder and harder these days.

But many hands are needed, as Avahome says!

Maybe Mikey is a Loyal Bushie, after all?

Are Rove's Missing E-mails the Smoking Guns of the Stolen 2004 Election?

4. Ultimately, however, it is the GOP's computerized control of the vote count that may have been decisive. And here is where Rove's e-mails, and the wee hours of the morning after the election, are crucial.

Despite the massive disenfranchisement of Ohio Democrats, there is every indication John Kerry won Ohio 2004. Exit polls shown on national television at 12:20am gave Kerry a clear lead in Ohio, Iowa, Nevada and New Mexico. These "purple states" were Democratic blue late in the night, but, against virtually impossible odds, all turned Bush red by morning.

Along the way, Gahanna, Ohio's "loaves & fishes" vote count, showed 4,258 ballots for Bush in a precinct where just 638 people voted.

But the most critical reversals may have come as exit polls indicated that despite massive Democratic disenfranchisement, and even with preliminary vote count manipulations, Kerry would win Ohio by 4.2%, a margin well in excess of 200,000 votes.

The key to that reversal may be electronic. It has now become widely known that the same web-hosting firm that served a range of GOP websites, including the one for the Republican National Committee, also hosted the official site that Blackwell used to report the Ohio vote count.

This astonishing conflict of interest has been reported at the epluribusmedia.org on-line investigative service. Cross-postings have come from luaptifer at Dailykos and blogger Joseph Cannon's Cannonfire.blogspot.com. They all confirm that the RNC tech network's hosting firm is SMARTech.com, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. SMARTech hosts georgew.bush.com, mc.org and gop.com among other Republican web domains, in a bank basement.

Furthermore, the same hosting site that handled redirections from Blackwell's "official" site also handled the White House e-mail accounts that have become central to investigations of the Gonzales purge of eight federal prosecutors, some of whom were themselves involved in vote fraud investigations.

But overall, the electronic record of every vote in Ohio was transmitted to the Secretary of State's office, and hosted in real time in Chattanooga. Under such circumstances, the joint hosting of the White House e-mail system and accessibility by Blackwell and Rove to the same computer networks linked to the Ohio vote count, takes on an added dimension.

Mike Connell, a Republican computer expert, helped create the software for both Ohio's official 2004 election web site, and for the Bush campaign's partisan web site during the 2000 election. The success of Connell's GovTech Solutions has been attributed by Connell to his being "loyal to my network," including the Bush family.

Blackwell shared those loyalties. Like Connell, he worked for the Bush-Cheney campaign, serving as its Ohio co-chair. He was also in control of the vote count that was being reported on software Bush loyalist Connell helped design.

It was in a crucial period after midnight on election night 2004 that these paired conflicts of interest may have decided the election. As exit polls showed a decisive Kerry victory, there was an unexplained 90-minute void in official reporting of results. By this time, most of the vote counts were coming in from rural areas, which are traditionally Republican, and which, ironically, usually report their results earlier than the Democratic urban areas.

In this time span, Kerry's lead morphed into a GOP triumph. To explain this "miraculous" shift, Rove invented a myth of the greatest last-second voting surge in US history, allegedly coming from late-voting fundamentalist Republicans. No significant evidence exists to substantiate this claim. In fact, local news reports indicate the heaviest turnouts in most rural areas came early on election day, rather than later.


No wonder those Rove E-mails disappeared ...

Here's what the 2004 US Exit Poll Anomaly looked like:

If the sampling were random and the Election were fair, one would expect those Green Bar Discrepancies to fall along the Bell Curve.

The chances of one state (a unit in a green bar)

falling outside the Curve at the -1 S.D mark
is about 1 in 10 (90%)

falling outside the Curve at the -2 S.D mark
is about 5 in 100 (95%)

falling outside the Curve at the -3 S.D mark
is about 5 in 1000 (99.5%)

the fact that so many fall outside the Curve
and the Exit Poll Anomaly "disfavored" Kerry (negatively skewed)

all simultaneously indicate something was definitely wrong!

Statistical Experts would testify the Odds are Astronomical, against that much of a discrepancy between the Exit Polls and the Actual "final" Results, happening by chance only.

Here's the "Official" Report

Seven of fifty states have t values less than –2.7, meaning that each of their discrepancies had less than 1% probability of occurring by chance.

The binomial probability that 7 of 50 should be so skewed is less than 1 in 10 million.



in this election, when we see the realization of astronomical improbabilities play out. Those are pretty phenomenal.

"So your party is the only party that can save the country from the mess that your party created?" - attrib. Jon Stewart

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson


I've been trying to collect and update a set of links to relevant work related to this story in a table here.

It's been my intent to organize it by date and to ensure all the contributions of OhioNewsBureau and the much larger body of other folks' work is included as well.

For example, a new item adds some very substantial information (Will Mike Connell Avoid Testifying on Cyber Rigging?) including Connell's embedding inside the firewalls of the House Judiciary Commmittee and Department of Justice Internets while catering to Rep. Heather Wilson's new needs for email services and the White House needs for email destruction services in the midst of the US Attorneys purges and before that story broke.

Then, the White House Internet director reported a comprehensive makeover of the WH site during that period the USAs scandal was breaking and as he was leaving the WH. David Almacy worked for DCI Group's TechCentralStation, GovTech Solutions, and Connell before he came to the WH.

Lots of work to be done yet but this list and one at RoveCybergate.com, together, probably represent the two largest collections of such work.

Once I get past my current task, maybe I'll attempt to do all of this but hey, don't forget that our Ohio work made it into a film reviewed by Roger Ebert, with a three-stars rating!

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"So your party is the only party that can save the country from the mess that your party created?" - attrib. Jon Stewart

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

I've got some more digging to do!

IMO, it's the Rove emails
that are the key to all this.

Conell managed those servers,
including the Whitehouse.gov
(also implicated in Palast Caging research)