Adult? Male Palin Supporter

Seems a few taking pics at a Palin rally hit on the same rational of who are these Sarah Palin supporters and the mentality of the group think.

I visited After Downing Street and Dave has a post up there from a curious woman wanting to find out for herself what was attracting people to Palin, certainly isn't her intelligence, experience nor non-writin rhetoric while at these rallies.

Though apparently those who are flocking to her seem to be on the same intelligence level.

The After Downing Street writeup gives a real good description, and while this isn't the subject title used there, I think what she wrote inside better describes for use in the link, Sarah Palin, the quintessential 4ever-school-girl, by the way, the post is written as to what happened when she couldn't take it anymore and started yelling at Palin L*I*A*R which she uses a few times in her writing.

The rally took place in Carson City Calif. with some 20,000plus attending.

You see, I'd gone to this event for a reason. Not to see Sarah Palin. I already knew who she was. I went to see the Palinettes - the supporters of this unspectacular woman who had so readily been won over. I wanted to meet them and speak with them and understand their attachment to this lowest common denominator politician - a woman so unqualified for Vice President that her appointer running mate should be imprisoned for treason. As a patriot and voter, I disagree categorically with the choice of Sarah Palin. I seek knowledge, experience, maturity, integrity, charity, clarity, humanity, intellectual curiosity, and wisdom from the leaders I select. Since Palin, in my opinion, exhibits none of these traits, I wanted to assess her supporters' rationale (or rational-ity).

She goes on to describe the type of people she was seeing at this rally, thus using the line I used for the link and has this photo as physical proof of her description:

The person to look at is the one almost directly behind Palin, the one with the Red Hair Wig, an Adult? Male at least by size and age look it looks Adult? others may have differing opinions, I just hope it hasn't breeded or if so his kids don't go anywhere with it.

Want further proof of pom-pom Palin? Try this as an experiment. Put on an audio of a Sarah Palin speech. Close your eyes and listen. What you'll hear is the high pitched voice of a teenage girl, speaking in circular reasoning, incomplete sentences, and juvenile idioms. No sophistication. No leadership. No wisdom. Just the sound of a snarky school girl. Sarah Palin is America's greatest nightmare. Sarah Palin is George W. Bush in a dress!

Go over and read the post she like many have hit on what this country is and has been dealing with for a long time.

Now I wasn't going to do any writeup about this, it's a good post to send out, pic and all, and maybe pass the pic on in replys on sites, but than I took a visit over to Huffington Post and What Should I See but an AP photo:

That gives us an even clearer idea of the same Adult? Male Palin Supporter, an Adult? Male, Really!!

First thought I had was this is a picture, much like the 'Moran' pic that travels the web, showing clearly what a 'freeper', 'rush listener', 'most of FOX's viewers', 'trollers', and those who only know one word 'liberal', not the meaning just the word, for everything that doesn't agree with what they are told to think, say, and write.

Another Perfect Example, men and women, probably don't even follow Hockey neither!

The Huffington Post picture covered this report Lockdown: Press Not Allowed To Talk To Palin Supporters out of Tampa Bay

Than I get an even further explanation of actually something I've been watching now for years, especially the last sixteen or so as it seems to be speeding up, as I scrolled down the page, after a real good laugh, over at Huffington, they have this posted:

Leading Geneticist Says Human Evolution Is Over, Yep as the pic above, and other clues can lead someone to ask, seems we're starting to get answers, apparently I haven't been the only one to notice.

Speaking today at a UCL lecture entitled “Human evolution is over” Professor Jones will argue that there were three components to evolution – natural selection, mutation and random change. “Quite unexpectedly, we have dropped the human mutation rate because of a change in reproductive patterns,” Professor Jones told The Times.

Now I just took a quick read, heading back for more, so I can't say that I agree with his more educated research, but at least maybe it's finally being pushed forward instead of being kept as a discussion within little groups.

There's a few related links about Darwin attached to this report as well.

And last but not least I'll pass this on again. The GOP nor McCain Vetted this still school girl mind before throwing her name into the ring, a ring she doesn't belong in, but the good folks of Alaska, being given a clearer picture of who they elected their Governor, thinking they were getting Change from the Corrupt Alaskan Politics that preceded, have Vetted her, and they found help in doing so and so far much of what has been discovered was rather easy to find as it was just below the surface, Palin lacking in Experience and Intelligence wasn't smart enough to hide deeper.

So Download the PDF Vetting and find out All About Sarah, wink wink hockey mom, from your friends in Alaska. It's a 63page PDF chock full of information about Sarah!

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Listening to the TV news past night, I was truly horrified. If I felt better I would hunt them out but you'll have to trust me.

She was ranting and raving about how Obama was best buddies with a domestic terrorist etc. Her speech was a bunch of sound bites punctuated by raucous audience response. Then would make some charge against Obama's character and then she would stop and solicit a response from the audience who would scream invectives about Obama. It was scary, especially when one voice in the crowd shouted "kill him."

It's remarkable that McCain led the last debate with a report about Ted Kennedy's health at the same time that he is deliberately creating the kind of environment that led to the assassination of JFK and Bobby. What a hypocrite with his insincere tribute to Ted Kennedy who stands for a tradition that McCain and Palin are trashing.


The source is Rachel Weiner who covered the story on Huffington Post. An MSNBC video showing the Palin rallies is included.