Ain't no party like an AIG party

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AIG executives thank you for financing their trip to such a beautiful resort :)

They want you to know that your money paid for a wonderful retreat!! They have been exhausted from their role in deflating your 401k for their own enrichment - boy did they need this luxurious getaway. You (and your children and grandchildren) are so generous to pay for it!

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St. Regis Resort, Monarch Beach

Situated high on a bluff overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean, stands a landmark resort of legendary proportions. Located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, the Tuscan-inspired St. Regis Resort, Monarch Beach is devoted to the pursuit of service and elegance with a seamless blend of comfort and technology.

AIG American General spent:

$147,302 for banquets

$139,375 on rooms

$23,380 for spa services *

$6,939 for golf

$5,016 at the Stonehill Tavern

$3,065 for in-room dining and the lobby lounge

$2,949 for gratuities

$1,901 at the Monarch Bayclub

$1,488 at the resort’s Vogue Salon

The group booked the resort’s 3,100-square-foot Presidential Suite for $1,600 a night for five nights, a discount from the standard rate of $3,200 a night, a hotel document released by the committee showed. It also paid $1,075 in “no-show fees.”

Below, get a taste of the luxury AIG executives enjoyed at St. Regis Resort, Monarch Beach. You might as well. You paid for it.

:: ::

Nice rooms.



Motif. . . Motif’s warm, inviting atmosphere overlooks the magnificent Pacific Ocean, and with its scenic indoor and outdoor dining available, is an ideal choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner or an extraordinary Sunday Champagne Brunch.

That's just one of the fine restaurants. Here are the others:

And no trip would be complete without a banquet (or two!) in the wine cellar:


The Wine Cellar is the ultimate private dining venue perfect for intimate receptions, smaller group events and catered functions for up to 50 people. The Wine Cellar features 100 year old, French, pavéd flooring and stone walls creating a "cellar-like" ambiance.

...and of course, Club 19 after a day of world class golf... er... whatever class golf on a world class golf course. Sip brandy on us, oh Lords of Insurance Fraud (or whatever the frik it is you did), and brag about that great chip on the 14th - we are right there with you (well... sort of - at least our money is).

...and the spa! Oh the spa!!

Enter into the spirit of Spa Gaucin.

Each treatment begins with the toss of a coin into our "Well of Desires," where symbolically all your cares will be left behind.  Choose from our spa menu made up of exquisite treatments from the Southern California coast to the springs of Hungary that refresh, soften, and leave your mind and body rapt in euphoria.

The last couple of weeks have been stressful. They thought they might be held accountable for their incompetence, almost like (eeew!) regular people. There were a few tense days there when they weren't sure if you would bail them out or not. Well, you did! You bailed them out and all is well.

They got away with it! So much worry! So much stress! But they got away with it! They had to take this time to let their hair down, cut loose and party! This is the bar where you bought a $5,000 round of drinks to congratulate them on their latest streak of good luck:

It looks like somebody might answer for this. We'll see (I won't be holding my breath):

Update: They already have the second trip planned. This time, to the Ritz.

AIG, Castigated for Resort Event, Plans Another One: The event, at the Ritz-Carlton in California's Half Moon Bay, aims to ``motivate and educate'' about 150 independent agents who sell AIG coverage to high-end clients, said spokesman Nicholas Ashooh.

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that really pisses me off. Thanks for this diary.

and I think the same person intimated that Leno suggested people might want to show up for the next party and speak their mind.

I might be wrong about that, sounds like an excellent idea to me however.

"So your party is the only party that can save the country from the mess that your party created?" - attrib. Jon Stewart

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

That would be just the icing on the cake......