Not For The Weak Stomach - Reality of War!!

Salon has this up at their site and I'm sure we haven't heard the end of this incident, or like others maybe we have!!

The only way that doesn't happen is if You, the Citizens Of This Country, Make Sure It Gets Investigated and Indictments come down, not for the Soldiers but for those in Leadership, Top Down!!

Friendly fire in Iraq — and a coverup

The Army says no, but a graphic video and eyewitness testimony indicate that a U.S. tank killed two American soldiers. The mother of one soldier demands answers.

I'm not going to give you much here, but Watch the Video's, warning included, and use the above links, than slam your Representatives with the needs to investigate, help these soldiers Families and this Nation!

Editor’s note: Mark Benjamin’s friendly fire investigation contains 1) the main article, 2) video documentation {Video's Below} and 3) the Army’s own report on the killing of Nelson and Suarez.

The main article starts out with the following:

Oct. 14, 2008 | PHILADELPHIA — Once a cop, always a cop. Asked if she wanted to see a graphic battle video showing her son Albert bleeding to death, Jean Feggins, retired from the Philadelphia Police Department, said yes.

“Listen, I’ve moved dead bodies of people I don’t even know,” she told me, as she sat on a brown couch in the den of her West Philadelphia row house. “I need to know everything. Because he is not a stranger. That’s my baby. That’s my child.”

Listen carefully.

Helmet-cam footage from Ramadi, Iraq (12-min. edited version). Warning: Contains graphic violence and profanity.

An interview with Jean Feggins, mother of Pfc. Albert Markee Nelson, who died of wounds received in the alleged friendly fire incident.

This report is five pages at the site, at the bottom of each page there's a title for the next, below are these titles:

“Dude, I’m almost positive that was that tank, because I saw him flash”

“We know it was a tank. They got an ass whooping coming. That’s all I got to say”

“It is fucking plain as day that the tank shot at the building I was in and killed two of my friends”

“He said, ‘He was killed instantly. He was killed so fast that he didn’t have time to feel pain’”

Accountibility for all that this Country, and much of this World, have been put through, leading up to the Financial Collapse, must be one of the first Orders of this Countries Business when the Civilian Leadership Changes, taking with them many in the Military Ranks as well.

"Bring Them Home NOW, and Take Care Of Them When They Return"

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Thanks for posting it.


Added to All the rest, including what's happening now in the economy, and No Top Level Bodies Have Been Held Accoutable, Zipp, Zero!!

As to the military only a few of the grunts!!

The first Order of Business is Accountability or kiss this Nation Good Bye!!!

Do We Need Change, You're Damn Right We Do, And The World Needs Us To Change, Now!!

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."

The investigation was handled under the auspices of the commander of the tank brigade that fired the shell, Col. Sean MacFarland.

There's the story, in one sentence.

I could be wrong but it is my understanding that investigations are actually handled by an assigned investigating officer. The report is then presented to the commander who composes a summary and sends it up the chain.

So the question in this particular incident is: who was the investigating officer and how complete was their report?

It was the responsibility of that investigating officer to collect, catalogue and preserve evidence, collect witness statements, etc. From there it's possible to chase the investigation up the ladder because it's such a formal process.