Blackwater Domestic Operations this morning, posted a ommentary by Holy Juan, with the story that Blackwater has been hired by mortgage loan companies to evict homeowners who have had their mortgages foreclosed. I can't vouch for this source but the story is important enought that I wanted to bring it to your attention.

The author alleges that Blackwater has begun training their staff on how to package and move items etc. An incident is reported that Supposedly occurred in Easthampton, NY.

Joan Readford of Easthampton was removed from her home this morning. “The men ran up to my door in formation. After serving the papers, they staged an attack of the first floor, packaging up my breakables and putting my appliances in a separate interrogation area. The house was packed up in about thirty minutes. Those assholes were very efficient and swept the floor right before they jumped into the armored moving van.”


[In Chicago the sheriff had refused to evict people saying that their too many questions outstanding and apparently Blackwater has been called in to fill the eviction gap.] In recent news, Cook County sheriff Dart has refused to evict renters whose landlords have quit paying the mortgage. He was quoted as saying that eviction can be part of his job but, “What isn't part of our job, however, is to carry out work on behalf of the multi-billion-dollar banks and mortgage industries.” It seems that the multi-billion-dollar banks and mortgage industries can’t wait for Sheriff Dart’s morals to be changed so they have taken the evictions into their own hands.

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but I really think the post is intended to be satire.

On the other hand it sounds credible. Truly I hope it is satire. Maybe mention of it will pop up elsewhere if is really happening.