Lets Re-Visit the Flyers Puck Drop {Video not seen? and Pics}

No wonder the hockey puck, whoops, hockey mom dressed her youngest daughter in a Flyers Shirt and led her onto the ice, using her, as she even said, as a Political Tool to try and silence the crowd!

Take a look at the reception received on arriving at the rink outside.

The following pics and the video link to the FOX 29 News Report, which I moved to a couple of video saver sites, was posted at the VFP group board site by brother 'Nam Vet Bill Perry, Service Officer Disabled American Veteran CSO, who sigs with this:

Make ANY ERROR in the VA Claims maze, & you'll be forced into a 2 year Appeal process Get Expert Advice, Evaluations, & Treatment

Bill is a member of the Delaware Valley Veterans For America as well as a Disabled American Veteran and member of VVAW, VFP, VFW, and VVA

And who has given me permission to pass all this on.

Lets first watch the FOX 29 report {many may not have seen this video report, many have seen the YouTube one}

Gotta say, I think the reporter is enjoying doing this one, wonder why.

Now to move on to what met the self described 'Hockey Mom' outside as she arrived at the rink, using some of Bill's descriptive narrative:

The Philadelphia Flyers were known as the "Broad Street Bullies" before and
after they won their back to back Stanley Cup Championships in the 70's.
Billy Penn, atop City Hall, in the middle of Broad Street, seems to have turned his back on Gov Palin, in this photo
The adjacent pic was the theme of our Saturday Rally... To reduce
Mechanical McCain & Silly Sarah to the cartoonish characters that they are.

Click on Pics to View Larger Image

This photo is Yours Truly, BP (Green VVAW shirt), & Viet Nam, Iraq, & Delaware Valley Vets banner.
Inaccurately, Historical Revisionists & Democrats call McCain a "war hero"

Okay, before moving on let me give abit of explanation to what Bill writes next. He's abit descriptive but actually if you've never been in a Theater of Occupation and War his description only gives a short picture of what you might see, and see over and over, especially if a grunt in the jungles or on patrols, and in 'Nam riding the rivers on the attack boats.

McCain was a fighter pilot, they got their targets, or calls from the field, to drop their bomb loads or strafe with heavy gun fire, never seeing the destruction done except from air photo's or ground photo's, never up close and personal. During McCains time, and for much of the conflict, we were Nixon had the policy of Carpet Bombing the North which naturally led to many G.I.'s being killed and maimed in the South as well as to the torturing of the POW's that were being held continuing after McCain got shot down. These pilots weren't flying Choppers, who actually did see what War is, they were flying thousands of feet above the ground and dropping their WMD's, bombs geered to do a variety of damage, this is why Bill writes this, and I include it:

When McCain & I were in Viet Nam, all the military age men from the
North were down South, fighting me & my fellow "Boonie Rats"

McCain was raining death on the Women, Children, Babies, and old folks
in the North, while we fought the VietNamese men {I was all around the Parrots Beak
of Cambodia, where the Ho Chi Minh Trail dumped out} as they tried to expel the American Invaders.

McCain was raining death on the innocent Women, Children, Babies, and old folks
in the North at 400 mph. ... In an ILLEGAL WAR.

The U.S. DoD estimates we killed over 2,000,000 folks in AIRSTRIKES. Ain't nothing funny about
finding a baby's torso covered by it's Mother's upper body, then finding BOTH their heads, and some arms & legs in the same damn BOMB CRATER, and counting the same Mother & Child's scattered body parts as 8 KIA's.
Then we'd move on to the NEXT bomb crater.

While respect was there for these pilots, they were trained and doing their jobs, outside of the few migs the North had, that was the reality of their jobs and nature of these wars, they are called Top Guns when the Real Fighting wasn't happening in the skies, it was happening on the ground, in the South, not the North, where Thousands of Soldiers and Innocents were being Killed and Maimed!!

Those who've been there understand, those who haven't should try and understand better, much better, so this is one reason for what greeted the extremely inexperienced VP candidate running with the war hero.

The Police told the Philadelphia Inquirer that 400 of us showed up... That means there were about
800 of us, on BOTH sides of BROAD STREET, for the whole block, and on the center Island

The Gov Palin Motorcade approaches, and IVAW Iraq Vet Gordie Lachance ( 19 Delta Cavalry Scout,
and Garrett Reppenhagan's Squad Leader) prepares to signal us to "choke" the South Bound Broad Street Access.

The Secret Service puts candidates in one of 6 or 8 Chevy Suburbans, in random position, and I missed
a photo of Palin, but 800 rowdy folks lining both sides of Broad Street had REALLY visably shaken poor
little Hockey Mom.
I came home from 'Nam in '68. I have harrassed the Republican ticket in ALL 11 Presidential Cycles since '68.
Reagan, both Bushes, Nixon and Ford, AND their running mates, all tried to do a hearty and haughty fake grin and wave, when accosted by Demonstrators.
Silly Sarah must believe her own hype, because she was visibly shaken, and actually frightened by us Labor, Vet, GLB&T, & Poor Peeps, FIRED UP !
We could actually see her slumping lower and lower in her seat, scared shitless. It was PRICELESS !

The excitement, and espirit de corps was palatable


What I found most interesting was that over the 11 Presidential Cycles that I've harrassed Republican
Presidential Tickets, this is the FIRST TIME that a lot of the Cops seemed to laugh at the Secret Service,
and their Secret Service anal-compulsive nervousness.

Most Vietnam Vets had respect for John McCain especially for what he went through, even though if there are hero's from 'Nam and there are, for Soldiers fight to protect each other, themselves, as well as the innocent civilians.

But if what I keep hearing over and over from a number of 'Nam Brothers and Sisters he has Lost that Respect with the way he's running for the CiC and Presidential Office and his pick of this Sarah Palin to run with him, they have taken themselves down to the level of the handfull of those 'Nam Vets calling themselves 'swifties' from the last election and the level their once political party, the GOP, now exists in it's attempt to destroy this Country and build an Imperial one party Dictatorship with No Constitution!!

And an added announcement:

Iraq Action Days Oct. 24 Nat'l Symposium

At this year's Iraq Action Days, EPIC supporters came to Washington DC to urge the Bush administration and Congress to do more to help innocent Iraqis affected by the war. Among the hundreds who participated was Kevin Murphy, an Iraq War veteran and Rutgers law student who has been a passionate advocate for Iraqi refugees since his return home.

Iraqi refugees on the move.Following Iraq Action Day, Kevin Murphy went back to his campus and got to work. Today, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Kevin and his colleagues at Rutgers, we are proud to announce the next step in bringing the urgent humanitarian crisis to the center of our national discourse on Iraq:

IRAQ AT THE CROSSROADS: Protecting Refugees,
Rescuing Our Allies, and Empowering Iraqi Law
A National Symposium at Rutgers School of Law, Newark, NJ
October 24th, 2008 (Friday), 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Rutgers Law Record

This important conference will explore the plight of Iraqi refugees and internally displaced persons, the unique dangers faced by Iraqis who helped the U.S., and how existing Iraqi law can be empowered to create peace in the country. Learn from and network with fellow activists, knowledgeable experts, and organizations taking humanitarian action for peace in Iraq.

Gathering two weeks before the Presidential election, featured speakers include Iraqi Judge Ra'id Juhi of the Saddam Hussein trial, Congressman Bill Pascrell, Emily Gish of Mercy Corps, Bob Carey of International Rescue Committee, Zahir Janmohamed of Amnesty International, Sam Parker of the U.S. Institute of Peace, Kirk Johnson of the List Project, and Hilary Ingraham of the U.S. State Department.

We hope you will join us on October 24th for this powerful symposium on the Iraq Crisis. For more information please visit: Rutgers Law Record

Erik Gustafson
Executive Director
Education for Peace in Iraq Center

P.S. EPIC has set up a scholarship fund to help offset travel costs for students and other low income participants who wish to attend. If you'd like to contribute, donate today "on behalf of the Rutgers Scholarship Fund."

The Education for Peace in Iraq Center works to build peace through the advancement of human rights, humanitarian relief and sustainable development that benefits all Iraqis.

If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up with EPIC.

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