Palin in the Oval Office. Shudder.

This is bizarre. Not much to say about it. Just WOW.

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Note the name sfor children sign: "carport, cashew, rake, purple". The Maverick poster. The one degree and four empty frames. Miss Wasalla sash. Science magazine in the trash.

What a sight to behold. It gives me chills.

It's a video (or animated giff or whatever), not just a pic. There's a dinosaur that passes by the window... oil drilling rigs on the White house lawn, a rifle that falls out of the curtains. Stock ticker: Depression is up, Moose is down, Economy down, Wolves down, Fear up, Progress down, Intolerance up, etc., etc. I wish I could embed it here, but I can't.

See it here:

Where'd Russia go?

Click around on it. All kinds of things to see. I guess it will be updated daily until election day.

LOL. Don't miss the "bridge to nowhere". Hilarious.

Oooo. He looks important.

Wow. Funny stuff. Sorry so short, just wanted to put this up. I haven't seen it anywhere else.

Oh! Here are the nukulerr codes.

Wow. Keep clicking on the phone and watch what happens.



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GreyHawk pointed me to it a few days ago. Open the door three times and you get to shoot Bambi!

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