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McClatchy carries one of the realities further in this article I just caught. The subject title above is the beginning of theirs and it finishes with this: here's to Kareem the Soldier

Khan was a 20-year-old soldier from Manahawkin, N.J., who wanted to enlist in the Army from the time he was 10. He was an all-American boy who visited Disney World after he completed his training at Fort Benning, Ga., and made his comrades in Iraq watch "Saving Private Ryan" every week.

Kareem was brought up, as most know, by Colin Powell, on Sunday on Meet The Press. When he started telling how he had seen a picture, a picture of a Mother at her sons grave stone, a gravestone that then told everyone that this was an American 'Goldstar Mother', a 'Goldstar Mother' who had lost her American Soldier Son while he served this Country, America, in it's now Volunteer Military!

This is that picture Powell first saw:

That I know many have seen, but should be shone over and over, as there are others also, because as Powell started to describe the photo you could see this always a Soldier start to choke up but caught himself and continued, and as you read his eyes he continued with true conviction of his feelings about this Country and what it stands for, or should, but has been torn apart from it's beliefs and morality!

"He was an American soldier first," said his father, Feroze Khan. "But he also looked at fighting in this war as fighting for his faith. He was fighting radicalism."

These picture's could have been replaced with many pictures, not only of the soldier but of the 'Goldstar Mother'. Pictures of African-American mothers and fallen U.S. Military sons or daughters! Pictures of Hispanic, legal and illegal, mothers and fallen U.S. Military sons or daughters! Pictures of White European decent mothers and fallen U.S. Military sons or daughters! Pictures of Other Nationalities and Immigrants from many countries around this planet mothers and fallen U.S. Military sons or daughters! Pictures of the tens of thousands of mothers and fallen U.S. Military sons and daughters of all the conflicts, right or wrong, showing all the faces of differing Nationalities, Skin Color, Different Religious Beliefs, Different Political Ideologies, Differing Life Circumstances................................................!

Khan, a child of immigrant parents from Trinidad, was 14 when the Sept. 11 attacks happened. Feroze Khan said he remembered his son watching in stunned silence: "I could tell that inside a lot of things were going through his head."

One Sunday morning, his son sent an instant message: "Hey Dad. Are you there?" Feroze Khan was out, and he saw the message when he returned.

A few hours later, his ex-wife called. Soldiers had knocked on her door in Maryland. Their only child was dead.

Different stories from all mentioned above, but with the same outcome, their son or daughter had died serving their country!

"He was an American," Powell said.

He was a Muslim serving his Country with Honor giving, as his family has, Much More than the greater majority of the Country are willing to give while some of them would slander to an extreme his Religious Beliefs!!

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McCatchy only mentions him in the beginning.

Another reality about the total misuse by the McCain Campaign of "spreading the wealth" is being reported in a series I've been catching, when it's done and the video's are up, I'll try and explain what that once meant especially as to this country and the belief of a true capitalistic ideology.

Which effects all of us Joe's and Jane's, whomever!

"that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic">

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."