Polar Bears Fate - Klempthorne

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Just who the hell does this Klempthorne guy think he is.....? Please take a minute and read the article. I signed up at the Alaskan site and posted a comment. I am beyond disappointed in the Bush Administration as well as Governor Palin. I don't know why the people of Alaska aren't outraged.

Kempthorne affirms 'special rule' for polar bears

As Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne announced new rules to reduce the influence of federal scientists on endangered species decisions, he also made permanent a "special rule" that will block steps that could protect threatened polar bears.

Kempthorne today made permanent a rule that says the listing of polar bears will not be used to limit greenhouse gas emissions, a leading cause of global warming, and the primary reason for the loss of Arctic sea ice, the main habitat of polar bears.

Summer sea ice this year shrank to 1.74 million square miles, the second lowest level on record and 860,000 square miles below the average between 1979 and 2000.

Kempthorne's rule also declares that decisions on petroleum management off Alaska's coast will continue to be governed by the Marine Mammal Protection Act, a law that conservation groups say has been interpreted too loosely to afford adequate protection for whales, polar bears, walrus and seals that depend on ice.


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Unbelievable! Give 'em (virtual) hell in Alaska!


 How many species stand between the polar bear and homo sapiens?