Computer Theft At Los Alamos ... Another Agency Dumb Butt Fest

According to an article from the AP. the watchdog group The Project On Government Oversight, obtained an internal memo in which the Department Of Energy rebuked the Los Alamos National Labratory for its handling (or lack of) missing computers at the home of a lab employee.

The computers which numbered three were stolen in a January theft. Also missing in another incident, a Blackberry was lost in a "sensitive foriegn country".

Accoding to the DOE memo 67 computers have gone missing and are unaccounted for. So, we have the FDA with the nightmare of peanut contamination, someone warning the SEC about Madoff's business dealings several years ago and no one doing anything about it and apparently no one at Los Alamos is keeping an eye on computers and duly reporting theft in a timely matter to the DOE.

Sometimes it's amazing that some folks that work for Government agencies or contractors can get up in the morning and find their way to the bathroom.

Much less wipe their butt when they're done.


Lyndon Evans

 Artlyn Entertainment




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the troubled and ongoing history of loss and theft out of Los Alamos.

Very disturbing, indeed.

...thanks for posting about it and bringing it to our attention, artlyn, and welcome aboard!