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Here's one to hold onto -- a fantastic image from plognark:

The Stupid, It BurnsYoung Earth Creationists, Religious Extremists, Conspiracy Theorists, New-age loons, Political extremists, Creepy perverts, EMO teenagers, Racists, Sexists, Furries, Anti-vaccine freaks, and everyone who's got fingers and can at least hunt and peck letters on a keyboard has suddenly gained a forum, an outlet for their absurd notions, where they can share their shitty irrational ideas and infect other irrational monkies with absurdities.

Is this a bad thing? Hell. No. This is fucking great. :thumbs:

This gives me the chance to make fun of every stupid retarded idea that our species comes up with. I mean, sure, sure, maybe we'll all become more enlightened and tolerant and better able to appreciate different cultures and solve the world problems and all that, but in the mean time, there is so much stupidity to be made fun of that it makes me giddy just thinking about it.

According to the author's own comment about it over on badastronomy, the image is one of "an otherwise intelligent person who has suffered a lethal exposure to someone else’s awe inspiring level of stupidity" -- so yeah, it's got a pretty wide potential for use. I keep thinking Primal Screams of Anguish material.

And the best part? You can now get the T-Shirt.

I know what I want on my next birthday. (aside from a Fujitsu 5010 Lifebook tablet)

Hat-tip Dupa T. Parrot.


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Here is a picture of a prom dress that parents everywhere will be rushing out to buy their kids:

"For when you want to let your prom date know you’re a sure thing… why not don this classy and yet affordable vagina gown?"

Well? Some parents, maybe? I do have to say that it does cover more than some outfits I have seen my daughter wear over the years... Of course, those outfits always seem to mysteriously become lost or destroyed in the wash shortly after I have seen them.

 That dress is hilarious! 

that you will not be buying one?

 I sent the link to my mother with a profuse thank you that she never forced me to wear such a thing. 

... is an April Fools stupid that burned more than a few laps in comment sections around the semi-epsilon-moron-minus-side of the intertubes today:

Car and Driver magazine is now apologizing for a prank "gone too far," after they announced earlier Wednesday morning that President Obama had ordered Chevrolet and Dodge to pull NASCAR funding by the end of the season if the failing auto companies hope to receive further federal assistance.


Although the story was clearly labeled as an April Fool's prank, it was making rounds on the internet, and upset fans were all a-twitter.

Some people are just so desperate to find an excuse, any excuse, to explode they will believe anything that suits their purposes. Just look at the Glen Beck - Michelle Bachman lies about "the USA dropping the US dollar" feeding the unruly right wing mob.

These people that have jumped the reality shark into insanity are dangerous not only to themselves but to everyone around them.

about the bailouts... I think these images are representative of when the sane burns the stupid.


It is truly disturbing that high school kids in the nation that put men on the Moon can't solve such a simple problem.  But what would they say to the adults that can't solve it?

Kill an economist for Karl

Rove just hasn't been convicted yet.

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

Did Karl Rove write Das Kapital?


not while he's been incarnated in the form under investigation for driving the selective prosecution of political opponents. 

He's a more likely author of the recent decade's 'Southern strategy' to advance the realization of fascistic wet dreams.

Why do you ask? 

Attempting to migrate the discussion of relevant relativistists you're exercising with GH to this thread ;-) ?

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

Dear Grey Hawk,

I hear that you have to be sweet sixten before you can qualify for one of these wonderful Mr. Stupid's. You may have to wait a few years yet.


Assuming you meant "sixteen" and not "sixten" -- sixteen what?  And why would they need to be "sweet"  as opposed to sour or hot?  ... and if the intent was "sixten" all along, why an unreduced ratio? Why not threefive?  And whatever happened to the Golden Mean anyway?  Wasn't that the perfect ratio?  Did someone change it from "mean" to "average" or turn it into a standard deviation?  Or has it been abducted by a standard deviant...or an extreme deviant?  Or maybe it's simply no longer mean...?

Questions like this, of course, keep some people up at nights...

You've raised some pretty deep questions. I guess I'll have to ask Chris to help me answer this, I just don't feel competent.


Who's relative? On the mother's side or the fathers? ...or are they something one marries into?

...are number relevant to relatives or merely representative of relative relationships, and should we care that numbers are getting involved in the relationships of ourselves and others?

Can we disown numbers we don't like?  If we do, does that affect all numbers or only the ones we specify?  How does any of this fit in with or affect imaginary numbers -- do they exist, or don't they, and do they pay taxes or receive any subsidies?  Would either action be like entangling them in a quantum equation, or subjecting them to causality equations, which would appear to give them substance and thus energy and existence?

If number have both positive and negative -- and neutral -- states, does that make them like electrons and atoms, or matter and anti-matter?  If the latter, then why aren't the more exploding physicists, or at least signs that the physicists had existed and a bunch of scorch marks where they would have been sitting (or standing) when they combusted?

...and if they combust and there's an explosion or residual energy, does that mean that all "The Math" didn't divide evenly or fully cancel itself out, and the remaining leftovers are like remainders from an imperfect division in regular math?

Damn, now we're back to math...


What does this mean? "then why aren't the more exploding physicists," Why aren't the exploding scientists WHAT? Is this a test? Should I guess the right answer?

Here's a number that I am now taking the opportunity to formally disown. LXVII.


Is there a right answer?  Or only a left one? 

Does the formal disownership of LXVII have impact on Henry the VIIIth or on the basic underpinnings of the Roman Numeral counting methodology -- does that number simply become unavailable, or is it deleted from the Global Subconscious?

...what could Carl Jung say?  (Actually, that's a trick question -- Carl's dead, so ~if~ whatever his remains could talk, they'd probably make a burble-like, dusty-raspy sound that we couldn't translate effectively into any formal language patterns, thus making the whole question a moot point.)

That stuff sounds political and I keep strictly away from politcs. I don't understand how come Luaptifer is calling me an immigrant or making me immigrate or something like that.  This thread is getting to be a guy thing.


my suggestion was that you seemed to be mixing this thread into the thread above, migrating its dynamics from here to there. 

But I'm sure you are just playing with me so I'll leave things as they stand and move on!

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

Really now!