2008 campaign

Paul Krugman Analysizes How John Edwards Has Shaped the Democratic Political Agenda

One of the rituals of the Jewish Passover meal is that a place at the table is always left vacant for the prophet Elijah. During last night's Democratic Party debate John Edwards still had a seat at the table. Paul Krugman has written an op ed in today's New York Times in which he reflects upon how Edwards shaped the present Democratic debate.

Robert Reich Calls Bill Clinton to Account

Some months ago after reading Reich's latest book Supercapitalism and his earlier, Locked in the Cabinet I was particularly impressed by his integrity. His account of the Bill Clinton's efforts to curry approval from the Republicans during his presidency by dumping all of the committments that he made before being elected to office was particularly chilling. At that time I asked him if we might post his commentary from his blog and he agreed. I believe his views on the eve of the South Carolina Democratic Party should get the widest audience possible.