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Michelle: "It Hurts!!", "It Hurts!!"

I went over to ABC News to see if they had posted a video report that I caught last night, never got to that as this is what I found, and will be airing this morning on GMA.


Exclusive: 'It Hurts,' Says First Lady of Military Families on Food Stamps


Bearing the Wounds of War

The youngest victims of the Wars we adults wage, especially our Wars of Choice!

Bob Woodruff, of ABC News, did another of his outstanding reports on the 'Wounds of War', this one about the youngest victims, the children of those who serve.

As a Country cheers on the 'Shock and Awe' of Waging War on others, those others having done nothing to warrent our Invasion and Occupations, that same Country does little in Sacrifice!

We wear our shame with our Apathy and Arrogance!

War Crimes: Senior Level Administration Officials Discuss Torture -- "The Principals"

Via YouTube, a video of the ABC News Investigation piece called "The Principals" -- the results of a five-month investigation into the involvement of principal members of the National Security Council and their roles in discussions about what "enhanced interrogation techniques" to use when interrogating alleged high-value Al Qaeda prisoners.

Hat-tip to Red no more of DailyKos who diaried about this, and to SmileySam for providing a link to the video.

Members of the Security Council who discussed and approved these techniques included Vice President Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, George Tenet, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld and John Ashcroft.

It's amazing to see this kind of critical examination finally making it into the news cycle; are we, as a nation, finally starting to come to our senses? And is there a chance we may finally push for -- and possibly achieve -- action resulting in accountability for these heinous crimes and ongoing abuses of power by Administration officials...?