abu nidal

Abu Nidal on U.S. Payroll?

If Robert Fisk's reporting, and the files they are holding, are believable, apparently we had another of those Evil Terrorists People on our payroll, working and spying for us. It wouldn't surprise me. Things never seem to change especially when the names and faces of long time inner Washington keep popping up! I caught this Report: Notorious Palestinian Mercenary Was Hired by U.S. to Find Link Between Saddam and Al-Qaeda over at Alternet. But it can also be found at the original report in the Independant who have the files mentioned in Fisks writing.

Iraqi papers obtained by The Independent state that Abu Nidal was "colluding" with the U.S.

Many knew of, and tried to stop, the 'collusion' of the U.S. with Saddam, supplying him his wants of 'chemical' and 'biological' weapons, WMD's, in his war against Iran who were using this type of warfare arsenal.