New problems emerge in Japan's nuclear power emergency

Freedom Sampling of ocean water 30 km off Japan's coast found radioactive "iodine concentrations at or above Japanese regulatory limits," as well as amounts of cesium-137 below regulatory limits. Some of the contamination may be due to recycled sea water used to cool down the reactors and spent fuel ponds. Still, the volume of water thus contaminated suggests that the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant complex has already released massive quantities of radionuclides over the past two weeks. More massive releases are a disturbing possibility, experts say.

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Image: Mexcali - Calexico, Copyright Brian J. McMorrow 1999-2005
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Mica Rosenberg/Reuters: U.S. farmers short on migrant workers move to Mexico
Americans are farming some 50,000 acres of land in Mexico and employing 11,000 people . . . "There has been a crackdown on illegal immigration but they haven't given us an avenue to get legal workers," said Cox, 49, driving by his irrigated fields on the outskirts of Mexicali, just a quick commute from his U.S. home.

The more brittle the border, the easier it cracks.