Daily News - McClatchy Headlines for Thursday June 2, 2011

Timothy Ray Brown - first man in history to be cured of AIDS?

Just a quick note: according to a piece by Stephen C. Webster on Raw Replay, Timothy Ray Brown may be the first patient in history to be cured of AIDS.

There's a video at the link, from the May 17th broadcast of CBS San Francisco.

The cure was apparently effected through a bone marrow transplant from a donor who was genetically immune to HIV - a rare trait.

Doctors aren't sure how the bone marrow transplant itself triggered the body's elimination of the virus proper.


Ted Kennedy's Dying Wish

Reprinted from JRichard's Gather blog. -- GH

Ted Kennedy's dying wish is no secret. He wanted to vote to bring in health care reform.

The right wing and the insurance industry denied him his dying wish. They played delaying tactics until he died. They spread lie after lie after lie about health care reform to try and stop it, and they kept delaying passage. "What is the rush?" Well, the reason for the rush is obvious. It was really always obvious. Ted Kennedy was dying, and everyone knew it. He was the biggest supporter of health care. It was his life work. It would cut into insurance company profits if he succeeded. If they could just delay things until after he was dead, things would be SO much easier for them.

But right now I need to introduce you to three of my friends. Don't worry. They are all safely dead, and have been for many years.