Alan Grayson

Alan Grayson: Conservatives are anarchists

Consider this the greatest book endorsement ever.

I'm a big fan of, and when the book "Over the Cliff," How the Election of Barack Obama Drove the American Right Insane. was announced, I knew I would pick it up at the library as soon as I could.

But now that I have read the endorsement Rep Alan Grayson (Big D-FL08) just gave it, I want it more than ever.

Rep. Alan Grayson:

At their hugely popular website ‘Crooks and Liars,’ John Amato and David Neiwert have helped to expose the fact that there is no conservative party in America any more. They show that the right wingers are not conservatives, they are anarchists.

The only law the right wing believes in is the Law of the Jungle. No schools, no hospitals, no job programs, no nothing. Their idea of nirvana is Mogadishu. See it there, at ‘Crooks and Liars,’ and read it here.”

Only Alan Grayson can put something in perspective quite like that.

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If they can't audit the Fed, is there any real oversight?

Given what they do there is no doubt, IMHO, that being able to regularly audit the Fed has to come under the oversight of Congress. The amounts of money they can deal in, what they do with it, where it comes from and how it can effect our entire economy dictates that they have to be able to be reviewed in what they do. All I can say is "Go Bernie!"

AfterNoonan Joe

From TPM we get this Weiner take-down of Noonan:

In a shocking development, Peggy Noonan is accused of making "the most cliched, hackneyed assessments." In this case, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was referring specifically to her take on health care reform. Watch.

       --David Kurtz

There are a lot of interesting points in this video from Morning Joe featuring Anthony Weiner, Howard Dean and Peggy Noonan. While TPM concentrates on the part of Noonan's silliness near the end, unremarkable to anyone who really follows her endless stupidity, and Anthony Weiner's take-down of said silliness, I found the fact that Joe Scarborough, while pointing out some of the very real holes in the bill, said that he is moving closer to Weiner's view of Medicare for All. Watch it all below the fold, along with BIG news on Grayson's Medicare You Can Buy Into Act, because all 8 minutes or so are well worth your time:

Note to the jellyfish in the Democratic party

Spineless Jellyfish DemsIf your name is not Anthony Weiner, Dennis Kucinich or self-evidently Alan Grayson as you will read below the fold... And you are a member of the Democratic party, then this note is directed at you:


Now... Things you can say to show that you may actually have one?

From Rep. Alan Grayson and, YES, he (and most in the left because we have spines) approves of this message taken from his own site:

Grayson's Message Embraced By Florida Republicans

That all mythical squishy middle centristy stuff that The Village preschoolers can not read or write beyond? The one that Obama keeps trying to to pander to and live off of while producing medicocre to pure crap legislation, IF he can get anything to pass at all, which is pissing everybody on all political sides off. Needless to say not one single one of these bipartisan hacks get it:

Republicans like a politician who stands up for what he believes --
even if he believes the Republican Party is populated by a bunch of
"knuckle-dragging Neanderthals."

The candidate leading the Florida GOP primary to determine who will
take on Rep. Alan Grayson, the Democrat who represents the
Orlando-based district, is none other than Grayson himself, according
to a poll paid for by his campaign. Grayson is a freshman congressman
who has drawn scorn from the GOP and has quickly built a nationwide
following of progressives.

The poll has Grayson leading the 13 Republicans -- among Republicans
-- with 27.8 percent of the vote. The congressman who mocked the GOP
health care plan by saying that it amounts to telling people not to get
sick and if they do, to die quickly, received more support than all of
the Republican candidates combined.

No GOP candidate scored above 3.7 percent; 57.7 percent said they were undecided.

If Grayson were running as a Republican candidate he would the runaway leader of the pack.
What will The Village idiots say? Look no further than below the fold...

It's a lie factory. They make lies. Factory-made lies. Lies from a factory. A factory of lies.

How many ways can we think of to say it and say it and say it?

The shot rang around the blogosphere this morning, everyone has heard it. It's quoted on a rec list diary at Daily Kos.

GRAYSON: My response is WHATEVER. America is sick of you, Republican Party. You are a LIE FACTORY - that's all you ever do. Why don't you work together with the Democrats to solve America's problems instead of making stuff up?

It is good to see that Dem leadership is going to stand with Grayson on his "Die quickly" line and reject the fake outrage from the other side. However, I can't help but feel like we will let an opportunity to go on offense slip away. Again.