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Discussion -- For the Record: A Response to Attorney Christopher J. Christie

On Feb. 8th 2008, US Attorney Christopher J. Christie submitted a letter to the court in the matter of the United States vs Wayne Bryant.

In the letter USA Christie attacks the Political Profiling study that is being done by Donald Shields, Ph.D., stating the study is "deeply flawed and inherently unreliable".

This is the response from Dr. Shields.  As he explains the premise of the study and the methodology used, he evicerates USA Christie's arguments. Give it a read, then come back here to discuss.

For additional reading, check out 2008 begins with new investigations into Fired U.S. Attorneys by Cho. After the flip, a short list of additional coverage by ePluribus Media on the political profiling and politicization of the Department of Justice.

The VA and Soda on a Counter.....Prosecution!!

Don't really have the time, nor the inclination to write this up better, but I just paid a visit over to Harpers magazine site, and this is what I first saw:

Unexpected Consequences from a Mug of Soda

Written by one Scott Horton

The Bush Justice Department continuously tells us it is beleaguered, under-resourced, and having a hard time battling crime.

IG Report: Bush's GOP Hires Among Immigration Judges

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Hot off the press, the Department of Justice's Office of Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility just released a report on the improper hiring practices by Monica Goodling, the Department of Justice's (DOJ) White House Liaison and Senior Counsel to the Attorney General. According to the report, Goodling broke federal law by discriminating against job applicants on account of their political views.

Renegade Justice: An Interview With Former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias

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David Iglesias is the prototype twenty first century Republican: charismatic, Hispanic, an evangelical Christian and a captain in the Navy Reserve who served for many years in the Navy’s Judge Advocate General Corps (“JAG”). In 1998, Iglesias campaigned to become Attorney General of New Mexico against the heavily favored Patricia Madrid. He nearly pulled off an upset and the Republican Party took notice. In 2000, Iglesias paid his party dues and worked for George W. Bush’s election.

As a reward, President Bush nominated Iglesias in 2001 to be the United States Attorney from the District of New Mexico. His sponsor was longtime Republican Senator Pete Domenici. The position of U.S. Attorney has served as a springboard for many political careers and Iglesias appeared to be on the fast track. Highly regarded by his peers, Iglesias served as chairman of a committee of U.S. Attorneys that advised former Attorney General John Ashcroft about border and Immigration issues. The Justice Department had also given his office high marks for performance.

Alberto Gonzales was warned about Riots at the Supermax prison in CO - now 2 are dead

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This past week, on the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birthday, Colorado's Supermax Federal Prison had a full fledged riot. Two inmates were shot and killed. The prison remains on full lockdown.

Why did this happen? Racism in prisons? Gang violence? Perhaps these were mitigating circumstances, but the sad truth is that those who work in the Prison have been sounding the alarms about this type of incident happening, not due to these circumstances, but due to understaffing and budget cuts.