Amazon jungle

Chevron Amazon Disaster on 60 Minutes/UPDATE with clip

We're in the home stretch for the legal proceedings against the largest environmental  disaster of this new century. Some tribal people in the Ecuadorian Amazon have got a strong case against the giant Chevron Corporation of the Estados Unidos for damages of up to 27 billion dollars.

Hold this image. Some barefoot indigenous folks who never drove a car, who haven't even seen many cars, are being led by a heroic Ecuadorian lawyer in the case of his life, hell, in the case of Big Oil's life and all of the trans-national oil companies' lives. Because later this year, when the mallet comes down, natural life for the planet - Pachamama, as empowered by the Ecuadorian constitution - will have stepped from the shadows to take her place alongside humanity, and humanity itself down to the most anonymous forager in the steaming jungle will have finally won out over the greed, arrogance and power of some of the planet's most abusive corporate elites.

This is not hyperbole.