Americans for Prosperity

Re Election Fraud By Americans For Prosperity, United Sportsmen Of Wisconsin, And John W. Connors In Wisconsin Recall Election

Protect Our Elections
POB 9576
Washington, DC 20016
August 8, 2011

Robert Mueller
Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

Nancy McNamara<
Special Agent In Charge
330 E. Kilbourn Ave, Suite 600
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Re: Election Fraud By Americans For Prosperity, United Sportsmen Of Wisconsin, And John W. Connors In Wisconsin Recall Elections

Dear Director Mueller and SIC McNamara:

I am writing on behalf of to request a federal criminal investigation into the activities of groups controlled by or affiliated with John W. Connors, a Wisconsin resident and president and owner of J Connors and Company LLC, whose address is listed at 1126 South 70th St S240, Milwaukee WI 53214. In short, it has been reported that Mr. Connors has been engaged in misleading and fraudulent conduct with respect to the recent Wisconsin recall elections by creating mysterious front group(s) and sending out false mailings in order to suppress the Democratic vote. Investigative reporter Brad Freidman wrote about this earlier today at, a copy which is attached.

Specifically, two Connors affiliated groups, Americans for Prosperity (“AFP”) and United Sportsmen of Wisconsin, (“USW”) have sent out mailers and absentee ballots to Democrats falsely telling them the wrong date for the return of the ballots. In the case of AFP, the instructions stated that the ballots had to be returned by Aug 11, two days after the election, and in the case of USW, the instructions stated that they had to be returned on August 4, five days before the election. In the first case, the ballot would not be counted if not received by August 9, and in the second case, people who followed the instructions after August 4 may have not voted because they believed that they did not send their absentee ballot to elections officials in time. In both cases, the intent of the mailers was to defraud and mislead voters in order to suppress voter participation by Democrats.

Americans For Prosperity is a national organization under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. It appears that AFP is directly involved with these false mailings and is funding and facilitating the work of Jon Connors with respect to USW and other opaque front groups in order to fraudulently manipulate elections in Wisconsin. If so, this constitutes a federal violation of section 501(c)(4). Moreover, because these false mailings were sent through the United States Postal Service, the federal mail fraud statute, 18 USC 1341, appears to have been violated.

We strongly urge you to investigate and prosecute John Connors, Americans For Prosperity and his affiliated groups for violating these and other federal statutes.


Kevin Zeese
Attorney at Law

Tea Party No-Go: Priced-for-rich national convention cancelled. Truce or time for Armey to get the flock back in line?

Halfway into last week came reports that the tea party movement's national convention, Tea Party Nation, was moving too few tickets and would be cancelled. 

Originally scheduled to open in Las Vegas on October 14, “Ticket sales were simply not sufficient to support the convention,” according to organizer Judson Phillips

Phillips attributed the inability of convention-goers to afford the $399 ticket cost to the Obama economy, of course.  

All Koch, All the Time

The money, regulatory, and legal interests of the Koch brothers are responsible for very much of the damage to these United States. The 'Kochtopus' intends to wreak all the more havoc that is possible, so, I've become thrilled to understand that Americans are finally seeing the corporate men behind the curtains. In front of the curtains, their agenda is paraded by the astroturf groups and think tanks of so many fronts that I have to question just how much of a Libertarian Party actually exists absent money from the Kochs. Some, I'm sure, just not how much.

Busting the Kochtopus

There is a great piece out in the August 30, 2010 New Yorker entitled, "Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama," that describes two siblings who've managed, on the whole, to remain invisible to the vast majority of Americans despite their tied-ranking as the 3rd richest people in the United States.

Tea party-goer can't buy forgiveness after aggressively degrading opponent

Man who threw money at Parkinson’s patient calls behavior ‘shameful’

Health-care bill opponent says he snapped during confrontation at rally

The healthcare reform debate has familiarized many people with increasingly ugly events that are difficult to imagine as right-wing protests against progress on health-care reform legislation.  

Except that the vitriolic tone of attacks mirrors the expressions of  GOP leadership from their seats in elected office or the wide-open commercial market of ideas, on Fox.

As far as I know, they've not killed anyone.  Yet, at least, but it seems that this phase of the GOP's Waterloo has only begun.