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From TPM we get this Weiner take-down of Noonan:

In a shocking development, Peggy Noonan is accused of making "the most cliched, hackneyed assessments." In this case, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was referring specifically to her take on health care reform. Watch.

       --David Kurtz

There are a lot of interesting points in this video from Morning Joe featuring Anthony Weiner, Howard Dean and Peggy Noonan. While TPM concentrates on the part of Noonan's silliness near the end, unremarkable to anyone who really follows her endless stupidity, and Anthony Weiner's take-down of said silliness, I found the fact that Joe Scarborough, while pointing out some of the very real holes in the bill, said that he is moving closer to Weiner's view of Medicare for All. Watch it all below the fold, along with BIG news on Grayson's Medicare You Can Buy Into Act, because all 8 minutes or so are well worth your time:

Open Thread - Politics on a Plane Edition

ePluribus Media had a chance to get to a Blogger's meet up with Rep. Jim Himes in Norwalk, Connecticut, on Tuesday night and we hit on a bunch of topics. We have a couple of videos up on the topic of Healthcare Reform over here already and you can peek at these YouTube uploads for more (Six from this event edited so far).

But for those of you that might wonder "if Rep. Anthony Weiner is really pushing as hard as he can for Single Payer?" You might enjoy this short and humorous video from the interview below the fold:

Give Weiner a Noodge in Battling AHIP Stoopid

Rep. Anthony Weiner talks about AHIP managing to make the argument for the public option for us with their really stoopid report:

At the website Rep. Weiner mentions in the interview with Dr. Nancy,, he is looking for a little help in noodging healthcare reform in the right direction:

A Message From Congressman Anthony Weiner 

was another big day on the road to health care reform.  The Senate
Finance Committee approved Senator Max Baucus’s health care proposal,
bringing a reform bill one step closer to a full vote on the Senate

I’ve been pretty critical of this proposal in the past.  It doesn’t
include a public option, which is the only way to provide real
competition to big insurance companies and bring down costs so that all
Americans can choose quality, affordable health care.

But this is progress.  Even the insurance lobby isn’t happy that this bill is moving forward.  As I mentioned yesterday,
that’s probably as good a sign as any that we’re taking the right steps
towards a health care system that helps American families instead of
insurance company shareholders.

This slow march won’t be complete without a true public option.  It
may not be center stage today, but like a specter in a Shakespeare
play, it looms large.


P.S. New York Magazine calls me the “loudest and noodgiest” supporter of the public option.

Help me “noodge” my colleagues and the White House in the right

Go here and tweet or Facebook the site to help Noodge the White House in the right direction for Rep. Weiner. :)

GOP Massacre: If Government-run Healthcare is Bad, Why Not Eliminate Medicare?

Hat-tip to sluggahjells of DailyKos for the heads-up to this wonderful smackdown of GOP hypocrisy regarding healthcare reform.

This is just a classic smackdown -- no if, and or but about it. It's beginning to look like the GOP's plan to turn the Healthcare initiative into Obama's "Waterloo" has actually turned into the GOP's own rendition of Custer's Last Stand at Little Big Horn.