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Deja Vu - "Cry Wolf, And Let Slip the Dogs of War"

It's now January of the year 2008. In approximately two weeks, George W. Bush will address the nation and lie to us all. Still. Not again, but still. He's been lying to us since the day he first took office, along with his gang of neoconservative warmongers. They were off to a running start then, and they've run rampant throughout the nation with nary a challenge from Congress.

In the first four years, that was almost unavoidable -- the Republican majority played hard and played dirty, abdicating the duties of Congress in favor of party loyalty over the needs of the country.

The next two years saw that majority begin to crumble, until -- in the 2006 election cycle -- the Democrats broke the Republican majority.

We, the People, expected change.

The World expected change.

For whatever the reason, change never came.