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Monday Night Open Thread: Elephant Art, Thai Elephant Conservation Center Edition

Good evening. It's Monday, 31 March 2011. There's only about an hour left to this calendar day on the East Coast of the United States as this entry is typed, so it's not a bad time to stop and reflect on the day's events.

What's new in your world?

For this evening's brief bit of "infotainment" here's an elephant - painting elephants on canvas:

In the comments below, share any news or tidbits you might have, or may have learned, from your day. Remember, this is an Open Thread.

Hat-tip to Starshadow of Delphi Forums for the video.

Saturday Morning Open Thread -- Beyond Skin Deep Edition

There's an old saying that goes something like this:

"Beauty is only skin deep; ugly goes to the bone."

The cynical flavor belies the truth, however, as artist Nick Veasey demonstrates with his x-ray photographs, courtesy of the Telegraph UK:

There are 29 pictures in the Telegraph's online collection.

True beauty -- like true art, or the nature of quality -- is more than a simple façade;1 it betrays a depth and breadth that encompasses the whole of its subject, whether seen or unseen.

At least, that's the way this Open Thread sees it, and believes that Mr. Veasey's images help provide us a glimpse into that deeper meaning.

Have a happy Saturday, and use this Open Thread in the spirit of comraderie.

1 GreyHawk sometimes refers to the surface-only pretext of much of today's political clime as 'Kabuki theater in a Potemkin village.' I suppose that's another way of saying there's no "there" there, or that something has no depth...

A Place to Visit for 'PEACE' while in DC for Inauguration

While those of you attending the Inauguration may be staying over for a few days, either before or after, you may find this a restful and enlightening venue to stop in and visit.

1/1-31 Georgetown: The Peace Mural, the unbelievable 2,000 paintings exhibition of art on war, peace, and torture that the Vietnamese-American artist Huong has on display in a 10,000 square foot gallery on M Street in Georgetown: Peace Mural Foundation

Art For, By And About Veterans Begins Sunday

Ilona Meagher has just posted on her blog site, PTSD Combat: Winning the War Within, an outstanding collection of links and a few video's on what the subject title describes "Art For, By And About Veterans Begins Sunday" and the link just above will take you to it.

She starts it out with this:

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