UN begins probe into Bhutto killing; Pakistan to determine ultimate culpability


"...Out West, where you vacation, the aspens will already be turning. They turn in clusters, because their roots connect them..."
      -- I. Scooter Libby to Judith Miller,
        September, 2005

From an AFP News Brief on comes this news:


UN begins probe into Bhutto killing

A UN commission appointed to investigate the assassination of Pakistan's former prime minister Benazir Bhutto began work on Wednesday, a spokesman said.

The panel, which has a six-month mandate, is being led by the Chilean ambassador to the United Nations, Heraldo Munoz, and includes an Indonesian ex-attorney general and an Irish former police official.

Good news for the potential for justice, but only if the investigation can get through to the roots of the problem. Deadeye Dick may not have anything to worry about, but -- perhaps fortunately for the rest of us -- the Aspens may not actually turn in clusters, but they are all connected at their roots: