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AP Poll - Setup for a Stolen Election?

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Setup for a Stolen Election?

AP Poll "Tightens" Race to a Point

Michael Collins

The Associated press came out with a remarkable poll Thursday.  It claimed that the presidential race had tightened from the consistent leads Obama has shown over the past weeks to become one of those "too close to call" national elections.  Their poll, conducted by German polling firm GfK, showed 44% for Obama and 43% for McCain.

How could this be?  In the Real Clear Politics average of major national polls, Oct 24, Obama's average lead is 7.5%.  The four national polls conducted on the same days as the AP poll show an average 9.2% Obama lead.  The polls after the AP "tightening" effort shows an 8.7% Obama lead.  Clearly the AP-GfK poll is an exception or outlier, as those are called.

Yet the AP presents this as news, not opinion.