Monday: Obey; UBS B.S.

AFP: Ex-CIA agent admits waterboarding, but calls it torture

Kiriakou said the method broke Zubaydah -- one of the first top Al-Qaeda suspects captured after the September 11, 2001 attacks -- in less than 35 seconds, according to ABC."

Here's the thing that nags: At this point any information released to the press by "ex-CIA" personnel of any stripe are extremely suspect (being kind). The only indisputable fact here is that waterboarding is torture, and is therefore illegal under domestic and international law.

ABC scores a direct miss. Another "Curveball" outside the zone.
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MSNBC/AP: Top Dem threatens to abandon budget talks

Obey said . . he would rip up the compromise bill and devise a new one using the strict spending ceiling set by Bush - but would reach it by whacking GOP priorities and stripping the measure of billions of dollars in pet projects for lawmakers in both parties

Not a good thing to piss off Obey-Wan. You'da thunk the Empire woulda figured that out by now.
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