Bail Outs

Time Magazine: The Truth About The Bail Out

Forbes, just yesterday, let the truth slip out about how the bail out would artificially keep your cost of living higher. Today, Time Magazine tells you to your face the facts about a bail out:

Let Risk-Taking Financial Institutions Fail
By Ari J. Officer and Lawrence H. Officer

Follow the money. Average Joes and Janes are not the holders of the other side of complicated, over-the-counter derivatives contracts. Rather, hedge funds are the main holders. The bailout will involve a transfer of wealth — from the American people to financial institutions engaging in reckless speculation — that will be the greatest in history.

Rescuing financial institutions is not the best solution.

Information and facts are the only things that will protect you from any attempts by the government to take your money and hand it over to the support the lavish lifestyles of these corrupt, reckless and foolish bankers.

Bailing Out the Oil and Energy Markets

I know you just got whiplash saying "WTF???" when you read that title BUT...

You do realize we are talking about bailing out the OIL and ENERGY MARKETS too?

Did they mention the hand outs to these criminal bankers would have you paying for it at the pump? Or for the food you eat? Your electric bill? Oh... They didn't mention that part to you, did they?

As the Fed prints more money from their magical money tree and bails out these banks there is a legitimate concern with people's investment portfolios... BUT there is a huge flip side to this Bush league manufactured crisis that comes in higher prices for real things you need everyday (not scraps of paper with zero value designed to make bankers rich on commissions) coupled with a devalued dollar.