bank collapse

OK, I Got A Couple Of Important Thingies Here...........

First off it's October 6th, and most days bring with them a history of the past, much forgotten quickly and lessons not learned.

Here's just one for today which I'll call The bush Families & GOP's Favorite Terrorist Pal, and no it's not the one nobody thinks about anymore, especially the little bush:

Today in History: October 6, 1976

Meanwhile back at the ranch--News on the Economic front

Even though the Labor Department is known to massage its statistics, the numbers are so bad that its latest report registers an increase in the Producer Price Index of 1.2% in July and 9.8% in the last year. CNN carries the story. Even with a dip in oil prices over the last month, CNN says that this is the highest rate of increase in the past 27 years.

The Dow is sinking and should dip below 11,000 once again. It well may test new lows in the next couple of days.