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NPR Report: Health Issues Caused by Natural Gas Drilling

Currently, 34 states are experiencing the ravages of natural gas development. The unconventional shale drilling for natural gas is touted in industry propaganda as our "clean energy" bridge to a new energy future. Recent reporting drives a stake into the heart of the natural gas as "clean energy" myth and exposes the reality:

Natural Gas is a Dirty Fossil Fuel.

NPR: Health Issues Follow Natural Gas Drilling In Texas

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VIDEO: Aruba Petroleum Toxic Spill in Barnett Shale

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I think it's important that everyone know the complete cost of the energy we use. That's why I often tell the very personal stories of victims of natural gas development. This story is about Tim and Christine and the land they thought they owned. The owner of the mineral rights under their land leased to Aruba Petroleum and Aruba exercised eminent domain and took approximately 4 or their 5 acres to develop the natural gas underneath. Their American Dream turned into a nightmare.

How is Wise County Like the Amazon Rain Forest? Toxic Legacy of Oil and Gas Not Just in Amazon

In case you missed the 60 Minutes report, A Multi-Billion Dollar Lawsuit over Oil Drilling Pollution, you can see it here

The pollution they highlight comes from sludge pits. The very same sludge pits I have posted about many times so don't say I didn't warn you. 60 Minutes says it can't happen in the United States. Oh Brother!

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[Learning the worth of water]
The Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's fourth international assessment released earlier this year predicted that "drought-affected areas will likely increase"