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Open Thread - Being a Woman is NOT a Pre-Existing Condition

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At least, being a woman should not be a pre-existing condition, though, some insurance companies would disagree. And this is not a pre-existing Open Thread. Brand new and just for you to share your comments and news...

This is Really Hard to Believe - Discuss

 BatteredBarry Nolan reports on the Battered Mothers Custody Conference recently held in Albany. From Barry's article:

Many of the women around me are sobbing now, as a child tells her story. "My father beat me" she begins. Well, she is not a child now actually, but she is a child to me. She is a poised, attractive young woman named Jennifer Collins who is a survivor of child abuse and of a Child and Family Court System that betrayed her and her brother, just as it betrays children across this country every day when it orders children to live full time with an abusive parent.

If you want to find out more about the conference, visit the the oifficial site of the Battered Mothers Custody Conference. Here is a little about the conference from their website:

The Conference includes presentations, round-table discussions, and question & answer sessions with nationally distinguished professionals whose work is focused on resolving the complex issues facing battered women as they strive to protect themselves and their children in and out of court during custody and visitation disputes.  It is open to lay persons and of special interest toadvocates, social workers, psychologists, attorneys, judges, legal personnel, and others involved in the issue of battered women's and abused children's legal and civil rights being routinely violated by family courts, DSS, and other government systems.

More About the Conference

Read Barry's article on the ePluribus Media Journal and come back here to discuss.