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Boring From Within

This link goes to Editor and Publisher's ranking of the "Top 30" news sites by number of visitors, compares this month's visitors and last months, and also provides a link to last month's rankings. So the really intrepid can construct a data series if they want to simply by spending this Sunday on a time journey through E&P's ranking reports.

Interesting is that the Top 2 news sources, AP and Reuters are not included as popular sites to visit. It is quite amazing to think about this when clicking through a news site like Huffington Post for example. Check the sources of the news stories, not the opinion pieces. Reuters is as easily obtained as the BBC, and I think AP is too. UPI is a subscription. If we all prefer to go to "aggregators" where stories are pre-selected, probably based on a digital pre scan of tags for coherence with current areas of interest, and then a human interface, just what news are we getting when we visit these "most popular sites" (MPS)?