BP catastrophe

Change? Job of collecting evidence against BP may go to — BP

From the start it's been embarrassingly clear that BP has alot invested...in America.   But at least with the election of Obama to the White House, I had assumed that one or two small changes might be realized. 

For example, one of the defining issues of the Bush Administration came from big, litigation-averse industry putting his team in charge of the DOJ and appointing corporate activists to the Supreme Court.

Slick Perspective: "4-01-2010" - BP's Gulf Catastrophe as "9/11"

I think that it's time we understand the Gulf catastrophe as the world-class "9-11-2001" that it really is.

Maybe we should begin referring to "4-20" which was the date on which the Deepwater Horizon exploded.

Or perhaps, "2-15," the date on which the Deepwater Horizon began drilling.


BP Slick Covers Dolphins and Whales