The Broader, International Context for an Obama New Deal

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Today  Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will be meeting with President Obama in Washington. Their agenda will be focussed on the world economic crisis, although other subjects such as trade relations between Cuba and the United States are expected to be discussed as well.  Time Magazine discusses the Latin American aspect of the visit, and da Silva's potential role in helping to ease US relations with Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.

Both presidents will be attending to important international conferences in April. On April 2 the annual Group of 20 meeting converence convenes in London. How to deal with toxic assets (better described--please excuse my vulgarity--as a furious debate on who will carry the can).  The banker's side of the story is discussed in this Bloomberg Wire. Later in the month Summit of the Americas wil be taking place in Trinidad. David Ignatius gives a more straightforward account of the issue under dispute in the Washington Post (in an article datelined tomorrow).

Earth Day 2008, Home Depot and the Patagonian Wilderness


For Earth Day, Protest Home Depot's Complicity in Destruction of Patagonian Wilderness by Proposed Chilean Dams

By, project of Ecological Internet

April 21, 2008

Patagonia's wild rivers to be dammed, destroying ancient
temperate forests, for 50 years of electricity; please let
supposedly environmentally responsible Home Depot know they should not be doing business with the project's primary
Chilean advocate.