Bud Cummins

2008 begins with new investigations into Fired U.S. Attorneys

originally posted -2008-01-23 03:52:22 -- bumped -- (Hat Tip to Avahome...who found The Hill article cited below.)

Yesterday, overshadowed in the media by global market meltdowns and the discovery of Heath Ledger's body, an article of particular interest to ePluribus Media folk appeared in The Hill. The story, entitled Attorneys probe deepens by Manu Raju promises:

The federal investigation into the firing of nine U.S. attorneys could jolt the political landscape ahead of the November elections, according to several people close to the inquiry.

emphasis mine.

Notable is how involved and engaged several of the fired U.S. Attorneys are in the ongoing investigations. Iglesias, Bogden, Cummins, and McKay are quoted in the article as participating in various aspects of the many inquiries.