Saturday Morning Open Thread, Meta-Deficit Debt Ceiling Edition

The ongoing game of charade in DC is continuing apace, with what appears to be the umpteenth act in a never-ending saga of "kabuki theater in a Potemkin village" over raising the debt ceiling.

The GOP has decided to use this as a tri-blade tool to finish the job of gutting the economy in their efforts to blame the collapse upon the Obama Administration, in spite of the facts & evidence that this whole fiasco began (and accelerated) under the previous Administration with the help of a GOP majority in both houses of Congress.

Unfortunately for them, the video of their efforts to avoid precisely what they're doing now exists - Think Progress posted about it.

Now we just need people to share it widely, and shout down those who are arguing about "compromise" - there needs to be a clean bill, no strings, and not for the short term.

Then the other hypocrisies can be dealt with.

Let's take our nation back and return control of it to the masses.


Congressional Criminal Conspiracy! Defaulting when you don't need to is a crime

If we defaulted on our debt when we were perfectly capable of paying it, we would be be prosecuted for fraud. But when Congress does it, they call it politics.a

The crazies in the United States House of Representatives would have you believe it were so. They say fix that budget before we'll raise the debt ceiling. If we don't get our fix, they announce, there's no deal. We'll just default until things get straightened out. (Image: George Romero)

Let's see what would happen to you or me. We are unable to pay our bills, unless we tap a special line of credit that we've used in the past, one that has never failed us. We'll have to raise some money and cut some expenses too.

We're tired of paying bills and just want to stop for a while. We file for bankruptcy following all of the required procedures. The minute we file, we're granted an automatic stay on our debt. We are now protected, no bills to pay.

Michael Collins: The Budget Betrayal - Questions and Answers

This president will never do a single thing to oppose the the agenda of the ruling financial elite unless, of course, members of the ruling elite tell him to oppose something meaningless just for the sake of appearances.

Question: Why did President Obama put Social Security and Medicare on the table in the budget negotiations when 80% of the people oppose cuts to these programs?

Answer: The president is not in office to represent those people. He was selected, funded and carried over the finish line by corporate America. Look at the appointment of Wall Streeter Timothy Geithner, the bailouts, and the failure to prosecute any of the crooks who caused the current recession. He's serving the people who put him in office. Those people don't need Social Security and Medicare.

Obamacare Is At War With Itself Over Future Costs

from Robert Reich's blog, posted with permission.

t now, Obamacare is at war with itself. Political efforts to buy off Big Pharma, private insurers, and the AMA are all pushing up long-term costs -- one reason why Douglas Elmendorf, head of the Congressional Budget Office, told Congress late last week that "the cost curve is being raised." But this is setting off alarms among Blue Dog Democrats worried about future deficits -- and their votes are critical.

Where does the Money go?

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There is a nifty little website called USAspending.gov that is sponsored by the Government Accountability Office.  It has a great search feature to let you sift through government contracts and grants to see who is getting the money and what they are getting it for.  If you have a couple of hours to waste, it is a perversely fun place to dig around.

For instance, one of their canned searches is for the top 100 recipients of government contracts in 2009 ... here are the top 20 ...click thru to the website for the rest of the list.

Hey, Bernanke! Tell Us Please! Where Are You Burying the Loot?

Fed Chairman Bernanke went to the Senate Budget Committee yesterday to testify. The Senators asked him at least four times, and in different ways, where he is burying the loot that is being shovelled his way. And, at least four times, he refused to answer.

Sarah Palin Budgets to Protect Rapists

Before I write anything on why Sarah Palin is truly a very sick person I want you to look at these stats for violent crime and forcible rape on a state by state basis:

Forcible rape rate and Violent crime by State

While - thankfully for us Nutmeggers - Connecticut is way down near the bottom of this list, it is obvious that rape in Alaska is a very serious issue that is and has been begging to be dealt with properly. Unfortunately for Alaskans, Sarah Palin has made it a budgetary priority to ignore these issues.

McCain's Fuzzy Math on Balancing the Budget

John McCain, appearing on CNN's "American Morning" stated that despite what the numbers say, his Economic Plan that includes continuing Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy, would balance the budget.

CNN's John Roberts posed the question, "Senator, you can't get over the fact, though, that extending the Bush tax cuts, as you want to do, and adding in your tax cuts do take the deficit number from -- we actually go from a $70 billion surplus to a $445 billion deficit. So, it's those tax cuts."

In Ohio: Battleground State Battles

OhioNews Bureau

ONB COLUMBUS: The label “battleground state” generally refers to a state whose Electoral College votes can make or break a race for the White House. Ohio, the nation’s 7th largest state with 20 such votes, has been so designated in previous election cycles and is predicted to again defend that title this year.

This year the moniker "battleground state" may more aptly describe the breakout of intra-state battles taking shape over the budget, voting systems and energy. These battles are creating fissures between Republicans, who still rule the roost at the legislature and office of auditor, and Democrats, who for the first time in 16 years control the executive branch and offices of attorney general, treasurer and secretary of state.