From the BBC: Quake in Western China Buries Nearly 900 Students, and other stories

From the BBC:


'Hundreds buried' by China quake

Almost 900 students have been buried by collapsed buildings during an earthquake in south-western China, state media reports.

What a horrible start to the day, and to the week.

The BBC article quotes the following statistics for recent quakes in China:


  • March, 2008: 7.2 quake in Xinjiang - damage limited
  • February 2003: 6.8 quake in Xinjiang - at least 94 dead, 200 hurt
  • January 1998: 6.2 quake in rural Hebei - at least 47 dead, 2,000 hurt
  • April 1997: 6.6 quake hits Xinjiang - 9 dead, 60 hurt
  • January 1997: 6.4 quake in Xinjiang - 50 dead, 40 hurt


In other news, US planes carrying aid land in Burma after days spent negotiating with the government, and a US researcher finds a way to kill stowaway plants and animals from marine ballast tanks:


US researchers say they have developed an effective way to kill unwanted plants and animals that hitch a ride in the ballast waters of cargo tankers.

Tests showed that a continuous microwave system was able to remove all marine life within the water tanks.

The UN lists "invasive species" dispersed by ballast water discharges as one of the four main threats to the world's marine ecosystems.

That's all I've got for now -- busy, busy day ahead -- but I'm sure there's a lot more.

Have at it. :)