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Oh my! A musician that has an opinion. I am shocked!

You knew he had to get Dixie Chicked by the kind of cowards at the FOX propaganda arm of the GOP that are quite willing to worship the musicians that will poop their pants to get out of war if they are right wingnuts:

The Economy, as seen under George W. Bush and the GOP vs. Barack Obama and the Democratic Majority

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The Obama Economic Recovery, via Sahil Kapur of True Slant
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A Muckrakers Paradise: 22 million missing Bush White House e-mails found

For those about to rake:

Two nonprofit groups say that computer technicians have found 22 million White House e-mails from the administration of President George W. Bush.

We salute you!

Some more from CREW:

Murder He Wrote: Why Aren't Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld Being Prosecuted? Part III




By Mark Karlin

If you're a mafia kingpin and you authorize a "hit," the feds will nail you for murder if they can prove the case.

As I have detailed in two recent BuzzFlash editor blog entries, the proof that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld authorized, promoted and ordered actions that led to the murder and deaths of perhaps hundreds of detainees and merely "assumed bad guys" -- not to mention rapes and other brutality -- is overwhelming.  The authors of legal memos, whose writers include Bush-appointed Federal Judge Jay Bybee, should certainly be disbarred.

But that doesn't begin to address the underlying crimes that include the unnecesary and horrifying deaths of anyone that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld -- and Condoleezza Rice -- believed was in the way of their demonic "War on Terrorism" (which for Cheney and Rumsfeld -- and others -- was really a war for natural resources). 

Details abound in the public record -- as we have mentioned -- of the homicidal acts that led to the deaths and disappearances of countless of individuals the Bush Gulag apparatus deemed "suspicious."  Some of the bodies have been accounted for; some of the alleged "enemies" just disappeared -- as was the case in Chile and Argentina during the infamous reign of terror in those countries.

Court Grants National Security Archive Motion - WH E-Mails {UpDate #2}

Victims of bush's "War on Terror": Children

On January 12th 2009 President bush gave his final Press Conference to the Nation.

In it he made a number of statements that have been analyzed by many, my take on his answers and spin was his showing how little a man, who is in total denial and lacking any compassion or moral feelings, of how big a failure as a person, and especially as the President, he has been!

In one of his answers he said this:

Open Thread: Brezhinsky Speaks Out; Bagojevich Makes His Move

In an interview this morning, Zbigniew Brzezinski condemned the Israeli assault on Gaza. While admitting that missiles fired at Israel over the past months were a provocation by Hamas, he said that there had been no Israeli's killed and that the Israeli response has been disproportionate with more than 400 Palestinians killed so far. While laying blame on the Israeli government, he strongly condemned the Bush Administration for failing to seriously engage in the peace process but instead giving Israel unqualified support.


Summer Reading: A Childrens Book for You Adults

As we wait for the many coming books, I'm sure more will be surfacing, as many try to cleanse their souls, of these last eight years plus, in seeking their higher kingdom, we might have the time to take this seemingly telling descriptive tale into the fold of good reading. We could even make the copies a collective item reminding us, in a comfortable way, of what we've been put through, us and the rest of the world. Comfortable because it might not enrage as we read and study the pictures, like the hard reality of the history will.

A Matter of Precedent--Bush Nominates Plagiarer for Judgeship

Lying is obviously considered a minor offense by the Bush Administration as the record shows, and plagiarizing someone elses work can be considered as just another form of lying. So here goes. Michael E. O'Neill, Cheif Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, was a key player in pushing through the nominations of Samuel Alito and John Roberts for the Supreme Court. He has now been caught out in several instances of plagiary. Admitting his guilt he dismisses the instances as trivial and has refused to resign his position.

Torturing Ideals

In high school, I read with interest Joan Baez's autobiographical musings Daybreak. At the time, 1968, I was quite involved with questions of non-violence and pacifism, and was constantly challenged by “what would you do if” questions that tried to force me to admit a hypothetical limit to my unwillingness to use violence. Baez, not surprisingly, had faced similar types of grilling. Unlike me, however, she didn't fall into the trap, sidestepping the questions by showing the absurdity by turning the questions themselves into a series of laughable impossibilities.

Her point was that one cannot set up principles as absolutes, that one cannot claim that he or she will act unequivocally in one fashion or another, regardless of the details of the situation. Principles provide guidelines for the future and a means for analyzing and even judging the past. No matter how much we want them to, they do not restrict one from particular actions in the moment. They cannot, for each situation differs from every other, as universals do not.


Kiriakou Soup

Scott Horton - No Comment:

So why is it harmless when Dick Cheney talks about the CIA’s use of waterboarding, but a violation of national security concerns when Kiriakou does? The answer to that is fairly obvious. If you disclose things classified as “secret” for purposes of advancing the political agenda of the Bush Administration, things are fine. If you disclose things classified as “secret” and articulate even the slightest criticism, then you’re obviously a criminal. We call this using the criminal justice system to attack perceived political adversaries. A Bush Justice Department specialty.

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